Dynamic All-rounded Champion
50MP AI Camera
90Hz Vivid Display
12GB* + 128GB
*12GB means 6GB+6GB Dynamic RAM

Better camera

with 50MP AI Camera.

Better viewing

with 90Hz ultra-large display.

Better experience

with 7.49mm slim body and Shiny Waterfall Design.

A new Champion experience.

AI Camera
Massive Battery
Dynamic RAM
Vivid Display
Slim Body
Shiny Waterfall Design
Mini Capsule
Champion of Camera
50MP AI Camera
Made for clarity.
50MP Mode greatly improves clarity, retaining fine details even when shooting complicated buildings and landscapes.
Open up the night.
Night Mode brightens dark shooting environments while retaining details, for a capable and reliable shooting experience you can count on any hour of the day.
A filter for every mood.
Get the perfect vibe every time. More filters bring a more versatile shooting experience, helping you capture the perfect mood every time.
City Street
Sunny Holiday
Secret Garden
Bigger meets smoother. 90Hz Vivid Display
The segment’s largest screen size combines with the segment’s fastest 90Hz refresh rate, for an expansive viewing experience perfect for immersive gaming. And with crisp display colors, you get a viewing experience with deeper tones and textures.
Max Refresh Rate²
Screen Size²
Screen-to-body Ratio²
560 nits
Peak Brightness²
A more interactive phone experience. Mini Capsule
Get important information more seamlessly than ever, such as your phone's battery status, data usage, and daily steps.
Champion of Design
Shiny Waterfall Design
A design that moves with you. Glittering Glass Powder Process
Two textures combine to create a unique glittering glass powder process, with a brilliant upper texture contrasted against a glittering bottom texture, coming together to create a stand-out dynamic effect.
The segment’s thinnest ever phone.
An ultra-thin 7.49mm body combines with a C-angle side design³, for a phone design that is visually stunning and sits perfectly in the hand. More comfortable during long gaming sessions, and a flatter profile in your pocket.
Champion of Performance
Smooth to the core. 12GB Dynamic RAM¹
Dynamic RAM Expansion (DRE) opens up a new world of power. With 6GB of RAM built in, and an additional 6GB available through DRE technology, you have extra power just when you need it. Run more apps simultaneously and switch between them more effortlessly.
Keep all your favorites. 128GB ROM
With up to 128GB ROM, you have more room for all your favorite photos, videos, games, and movies. And with more extra storage available, you can keep everything running smoothly in the background.
Battery life you can count on. 5000mAh Massive Battery⁴
Enjoy all your favorite entertainment, from gaming to movies to music, with plenty left at the end of the day.
106.4 hrs
32.2 hrs
23.7 hrs
Social APP⁴
Superpowered efficiency.
Octa-core Chipset
An octa-core chipset brings powerful performance and efficient processing, for an ultra-smooth experience made to handle anything you throw its way.
Reliable quality.
IP54 Dust & Water Resistance
An IP54 rating brings greater peace of mind⁵. Use your phone with the confidence that it was built to handle dust and splashes of water.
3-Card Slot
Up to 2TB External Memory
Two SIM slots and a dedicated microSD slot, giving you more options to use your phone the way you want.
Fast Side Fingerprint
Perfectly fast, perfectly safe. One quick touch and you’re in.
Easy payments.
360° NFC
Get accurate swipes at any position and angle in the upper part of the phone. By redesigning the coil and cellular antenna layout, the NFC swipe area is increased by 2 times, effectively improving swipe accuracy.⁶
Based on Android 13
Made to last.
320+ rigorous testing⁷
500,000 Times
Power Button Stress Test⁷
1,000 Times
Squeeze Test with 25kg Force⁷
20,000 Times
USB Plug-in Stress Test⁷
14,000 Times
Micro-drop Test⁷

1. 12GB Dynamic RAM means 6GB+6GB Dynamic RAM extension.

2. Data regarding the display refresh rate, screen-to-body ratio, colors, etc. were provided by the realme Lab. Data can vary based on the test environment, calculation method, etc. Please refer to the actual product.

3. The data “7.49mm thickness” is provided by realme Lab. Actual thickness may vary slightly.

4. 5000mAh is the typical value. The battery life data is based on data from realme Lab. Results may vary depending on the testing environment.

5. Product meets an equivalent of IP54 water protection based on testing from realme Lab. Never charge phone when wet. Liquid damage not covered under warranty.

6. 360° NFC is based on results from realme Lab. Actual results may vary due to different test environments or calculation methods. Please refer to the actual product.

7. The quality testing data come from the realme laboratory. The data involved here are only laboratory test data, not as a quality guarantee in daily use. The actual situation will vary slightly depending on the test software version, specific test environment, and specific version.

8. The available memory capacity is less than this value because the phone software occupies some memory. The data comes from realme Lab., and the valuation is calculated based on 250MB per 720P HD video episode and 4MP per picture/song, please refer to the actual condition.

* Product images are for reference only, please refer to the actual products. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. The data on the page came from realme designed technical parameters, test data from the laboratories and supplier test data. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly, depending on the test software version, specific testing environment, and specific version.

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