realme Code of Integrity and Anti-corruption

1.Integrity Statement

With the aim of standing up for values of "Fairness and Justice, Win-win Cooperation, Value Focusing, Health & Long-term objective", realme aims to create a Just, Fair and Open business environment, via strengthening employees' professional and moral behavior and build up effective management system to avoid corruptions. Meanwhile, realme advocates strong support from all its suppliers, customers and clients' in maintaining integrity in work while abiding by realme integrity policies, as well as supervising the integrity business practices for employees.

2. Principles and Specific Requirements

This Code not only define various acts for seeking improper benefits that must be prohibited, but it also stipulates the measures for different cases of bribery as per severity, so as to ensure that corruption acts are punished accordingly as well.

Parties acknowledge that any breach of code of integrity and anti-corruption may cause great damages and adverse effects to the transactions between Parties, and may seriously threaten and disrupt the transactional business and the integrity management system of each Party.

realme Integrity Policy is published and regular promotion and trainings are conducted for staff who are relevant to procurement and sales processes. Further, realme suppliers, vendors, customers and/or clients (hereinafter referred to as "Parties") acknowledge and agree to abide by the following basic principles:

2.1 To strictly abide by the relevant provisions on fair trade, probity and self-discipline, anti-corruption and anti-bribery under the relevant applicable laws, regulations and rules and adhere to the principle of probity and good faith, abide by the generally recognized business ethics and professional ethics, and refrain from and resist any corruptive or dishonest conduct.

2.2 Parties and/or its staff shall not directly or indirectly provide any direct or indirect bribery or personal benefits in any form to the staff of realme and/or its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "realme's Staff").

2.3 If realme's Staff ask parties or its Staff for any direct or indirect bribery or undue benefit, parties or its Staff shall refuse such request, and shall be obliged to report or complain to realme official reporting channel as mentioned in this code.

2.4 Parties shall not, for his/her own interests or others' interests or for other purposes, induce or instigate or coerce realme's Staff to conduct any behaviors in violation of this Code or their duties or professional ethics for the purpose of obtaining unfair or illegitimate benefits , including but not limited to bribing other related parties through realme's Staff, or soliciting realme's Staff to participate in bribery behaviors.

3.Reporting Channel and Reward

realme encourage Parties, employees, suppliers and clients to stop/avoid any illegal, non-compliant conduct or violation of this code. We also encourage parties in identifying any fraud, corruption or misconduct related to realme business and can report through the following channels:


Once misconduct or violations is reported by parties, realme will take such matter seriously and conduct investigations according to applicable procedure , and provide the results to parties who report the case, as well as rewarding based on company policy.

realme will keep the identity of whistleblowers strictly confidential. It is forbidden to attack or retaliate against the informant under any excuse by any organization or individual.

4.Interpretation and revision

realme reserves the right to modify, revise or adjust certain clauses of realme Codes of Integrity and Anti-corruption (hereinafter referred to as "Code") in accordance with circumstances and changes in business environment. To the extent permitted by law, realme reserves the right of final interpretation of the Codes.



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