80W SuperDart Charge | Snapdragon 870 5G Chipset
Snapdragon 870 5G
Flagship Chipset
80W SuperDart Charge
5000mAh Massive Battery
Stainless Steel
Vapor Cooling Plus
Ultra-Fast Cooling
Racing Flag
Ultimate Speed
Ultra Smoothness
64MP AI Triple Camera
With New Filters
Tactile Engine 2.0
X-axis Linear Motor
Additional 5GB of
Dynamic RAM
NEO Accelerated Performance
A Quantum Leap in Speed
Groundbreaking Performance for Extraordinary Speed
Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G Chipset
Built on power-efficient 7nm process technology, the flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 870 processor takes performance and efficiency to new heights. Paired with a 3.2GHz A77 Prime Core and Adreno 650 GPU, GT NEO 3T lets you breeze through all those demanding apps and games with little to no load time.
CPU Performance*
GPU Performance*
UFS 3.1
Dual ROM Channels
Bring Ultrafast Everywhere
Leading 5G Speed
The speed you need is here now. With 5G capabilities, you can get ultra-fast connection speed when you need to stream movies, upload high-res photos, and upload huge-size content on the fly. Because GT NEO 3T comes equipped with major 5G bands with software enhancement, you can get reliable 5G connections no matter where you are.*
Switch Up Your Performance
Dynamic RAM Expansion Technology
realme GT NEO 3T can dynamically expand an additional 5GB of RAM with Dynamic RAM Expansion technology. So you can switch between apps in a blink.
NEO Charging Speed
Change the Way you charge
Fast. Cool. Safe.
80W SuperDart Charge
In just 12 minutes, 80W SuperDart Charge gives you enough battery life for the day. Thanks to the built-in safety mechanism, the SuperDart Charge delivers ultra-fast charging speeds while keeping the temperature at an optimal level.
TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast- Charge System Certification
38 Levels of Safety
Smart MCU Current Control Management
The Last Phone Standing
5000mAh Massive Battery
GT NEO 3T delivers all-day power with a 5000mAh battery capacity. That means you still have some juice left for video streaming and gaming by the end of the day. *
29 Hrs
Call Time*
88 Hrs
Music Playback*
26 Hrs
Video Playback*
1600 Charge Cycles
Retain ≥80% Original Capacity
NEO Cooling Speed
Keeping it Cool
Bring on the Heat
Stainless Steel Vapor Cooling System Plus
The Stainless Steel Vapor Cooling System Plus comprises eight cooling layers with diamond thermal gel to effectively dissipate heat. That means the core heat sources stay cooler by up to 18℃.*
Peak Reduction of Core Temperature*
Higher Efficiency*
Heart of Steel
Stainless Steel Vapor Camber
Thanks to the large 4129 mm² stainless steel vapor chamber, GT NEO 3T can dissipate heat faster and more consistently than aluminium or copper.
Stainless Steel VC*
NEO Refresh Rate
Experience Speed at its Smoothest
A Feast for Your Eyes
120Hz AMOLED Display
GT NEO 3T features a super bright and color-accurate display calibrated carefully and faithfully, offering a truly immersive experience. Because it has a peak brightness of 1300nits, everything is a pleasure to look at, even in direct sunlight.*
5,000,000 : 1
High Contrast Ratio*
HDR 10+
High Dynamic Range*
DCI-P3 Color Gamut*
Screen-to-body Ratio*
A Smarter Display of Smoothness
120Hz Dynamic Refresh Rate
GT NEO 3T adjusts its refresh rate depending on your content at 60Hz, 90Hz, or 120Hz for better power efficiency. The 1000Hz instant touch sampling rate allows you to respond quickly, giving you a better chance of winning the game.
*1000Hz Instant Touch Sampling Rate supports certain games only.
Dynamic Refresh Rate
Instant Touch Sampling Rate*
Touch Sampling Rate
A Smarter Sunlight Display
The 360° dual ambient light sensors understand ambient light precisely to automatically adjust the screen's brightness level. That means you can be sure the display is always adapted to a comfortable level, whether under direct sunlight or in an extremely dark environment.
1300 nits
Levels of
Dual Ambient
Light Sensors*
Reduced Power
A Cultural Phenomenon
Racing Flag Design
One of the most iconic elements in the auto motorsport was the Racing Flag, used to signal the car has crossed the finishing line. Soon enough, people recognized that the Racing Flag was not merely a flag. It symbolized the very essence of the auto motorsport culture. realme GT NEO 3T embodies that iconic Racing Flag Design, making the phone uniquely exciting.
Dash Yellow
realme GT NEO 3T in Dash Yellow comes with a refined AG finish enhanced with nano fluorescent particles, so yellow looks brighter, and the matte finish feels smoother.
Drifting White
Shade Black
A Dash of Yellow
realme GT NEO 3T in Dash Yellow comes with a refined AG finish enhanced with nano fluorescent particles, so yellow looks brighter, and the matte finish feels smoother.
64MP AI Triple Camera
Capture Clearer Photos
Primary Camera
Ultra Wide Camera
Macro Camera
64MP Primary Camera
Capture Every Moment in High-res
Super Nightscape Mode
Bring Light into Dark Spaces
B&W Plus
A Classic with a Modern Twist
Capture Your Story
Never a Dull Moment
Back to the Retro Future
DIS Snap Shot
Capture Clarity in a Snap
DIS Snap Shot - Off
DIS Snap Shot - On
16MP Selfie Camera
Smart AI Beautify
Multi-functional NFC
Hassle-free Payment
Rejoice! Now you can simply use GT NEO 3T’s multi-functional NFC to pay for public transport or carpark fee. You can even double it as a virtual key for your home and office.
Tactile Engine 2.0
Feel the Game
Experience the difference with the new X-axis linear motor that drastically improves haptic feedback, which is now more responsive and powerful.
Pro-grade Stereo Speakers
Hear Every Nuance of Every Instrument
Powered by Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res Audio, GT NEO 3T features a pair of pro-grade stereo speakers with superb sound quality for crisp and clear audio. So from watching movies to listening to music, everything feels more immersive than ever before.
Ultra-fast In-display
Fingerprint Scanner
realme GT NEO 3T includes an in-display fingerprint scanner that doubles as a heart rate monitor. Now you can unlock your phone and check your heart rate easily.
Based on Android 12


1. The data of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G Chipset comes from the official website of Qualcomm, please refer to the actual product.

2. 5G network availability, coverage and service are subject to local situations.

3. To reach the charging power of 80W (Max), realme's 80W SuperDart Charger and the original charging cable are needed. The actual charging power will automatically change due to different usage scenarios, please refer to the actual scenarios.

4. The data of “50% charge in 12 minutes", comes from the realme Lab. The actual data may be different due to the test environment or loss of use, please refer to the actual product.

5. realme GT NEO 3T uses 2*2500mAh(typ) dual-cell battery equivalent to 5000mAh.

6. All test results are obtained from realme Lab. Since the test results are affected by the test environment, please refer to the actual item.

7. The data such as contrast ratio and the screen-to-body ratio is from the realme Lab, results may vary in different markets depending on panel final specifications and calibrations. Please refer to the actual product.

8. The 15% reduced power consumption of E4 AMOLED display is in comparison with E3 display.

9. Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual products. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. The data on the page came from realme designed technical parameters, test data from the laboratories and supplier test data. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly, depending on the test software version, specific testing environment, and specific version.

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