Warranty Policy

This warranty policy applies to realme products sold in this country, which includes Mobile Phones, Accessories, IoT Products, etc. If the country in which the warranty repair services will be provided differes from the country of purchase, the scope of service may differ, therefore we recommend contacting the Authorized Service Center.




Warranty Period


Twenty-four (24) months

USB Cable

Twenty-four (24) months


Twenty-four (24) months




Warranty Period

Wired Earphone

Twenty-four (24) months

Wireless Earphone

Twenty-four (24) months

Smart Band

Twenty-four (24) months

realme Watch

Twenty-four (24) months

Power Bank

Twenty-four (24) months

Robot Vacuum

Twenty-four (24) months

Laptop & Tablet

Twenty-four (24) months


realme 7, realme 7 Pro Dedicated Service Policy

  1. 3-years warranty

Enjoy an extended 3-year free warranty period, covering against manufacturing defects.

  1. 2-months DOA/DAP period

Our refund and replacement period covers against manufacturing defects for 2 months after purchase.

realme Mobile Phone, Accessories & IoT Products Warranty Policy:

Warranty coverage:

  1. The Limited Warranty is only redeemable within your original country or region of purchase, subject to any applicable national laws within such country or region which may prohibit such redemption and provided that such original country or region is within the EU.
  2. The warranty of the mobile phone will be applicable from the purchased date.
  3. To avail warranty service support for realme accessories & IOT products, customers are advised to provide original box pack with device together to service center along with valid purchase proof of Invoice. Claims can be made by sending the beforementioned documentation to realme Customer Service at www.realme.com/eu/support.
  4. During the warranty period, if any functional failure occurs, realme will provide maintenance services free of charge through their authorized service centers, including shipping and handling costs.
  5. After mobile phone repaired under warranty, user will get remaining warranty period of device as per activation date.
  6. After replacement of any device/IoT/Accessories, user will get remaining warranty period as per original invoice.
  7. realme may use rebuilt, reconditioned or new parts and components when repairing any Products. Alternatively, we may replace the defective Products entirely with a rebuilt, reconditioned or new realme Products.
  8. We have set out the Limited Warranty periods in respect of each of our Products. You can check the Products covered by the Limited Warranty at www.realme.com/eu/legal/warranty-terms.
  9. The Limited Warranty does not affect your statutory rights.


Warranty restriction:

  1. Device has exceeded the standard warranty duration.
  2. Device/Product is liquid damaged or any moisture/corrosion is there.
  3. Failed to use and maintain the product according to the instructions that lead to damage or malfunction, such as use under extreme temperatures, use of non-realme accessories,  etc.
  4. If any damage occurs in/on outer surface of product, including but not limited to crack, scratches on external surface.
  5. Any unauthorized repair, disassembling tried on device.
  6. Warranty sticker is missing/misplaced or changed.
  7. Warranty does not cover if device get rooted by user and it cannot get restored by software update.
  8. Warranty does not cover natural wear and tear, usage under extreme conditions, damage due to improper care and damaged cause by act of God such as floods, fire or earthquakes.
  9. If there is any conflict between this service policy and national laws and regulations, all national laws and regulations shall prevail.
  10. Lack of warranty card and valid proof of purchase, however, an exception can be granted if the customer can prove that the accessory is within the warranty period; 
  11. Defects or damage resulting from cellular signal reception or transmission, or viruses and other software problems introduced into the Products;
  12. Products not purchased from realme point of sale or authorised resellers (we recommend that you contact the point of sale for support);
  13. Products purchased outside of officially supported realme countries or regions (list of official sales regions that we deliver Products to can be found here), or where the Product has been purchased outside of our website;


Statutory warranties for compliance and latent defects

The Limited Warranty is without prejudice to the provisions relating to the statutory warranty of compliance and latent defects due by realme.


Service Center:

Find Service center information from repair service in support page of official web.




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