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How is realme complying with the REACH regulation?

The Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation EC 1907/2006, commonly referred to as REACH, is a European regulation on chemicals and their safe use. With the publication of candidate lists for authorization, the European Chemicals Agency identifies sets of substances of very high concern (SVHC) that manufacturers must disclose to customers if used in their products above 0.1% by weight.

Based on the current version of the candidate list for authorization, realme products contain the following SVHCs above the disclosure threshold:





Lithium-Ion Batteries

The electronic equipment contain lithium-ion batteries


Electronic component,Metal

The electronic equipment contain electronic component and metal

Lead monoxide (lead oxide)

Electronic component

The electronic equipment contain electronic component


Coin Cell Batteries

The electronic equipment contain coin cell batteries

Diboron Trioxide

Passive component,Thermistor and Chip resister

The electronic equipment contain passive component,thermistor and chip resister



The electronic equipment contain leather


 Polyimide film

The electronic equipment contain polyimide film


Polyethylene Foam

The electronic equipment contain polyethylene foam

The SVHCs used in these products do not pose a safety risk to customers under normal use conditions. To ensure that these products are recycled appropriately, you can return your realme device to a realme after-sale service station for free recycling.

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