• With realme UI 3.0 camera mode customization, you can customize the mode display and sort, and you can rearrange your commonly used camera mode icons to the mode bar, making your use more convenient. Operating path: realme UI 1.0 and versions: Camera > More > Edit icon, Touch, hold & drag camera mode icons to rearrange Related Articles: Phone camera can't be turned on Light flickering around the front camera

  • To protect the battery life, the smart service function will intelligently control the charging speed according to your charging habits, and keep the battery level around 80% until the phone detects that you need a full charge, and then quickly fill up the remaining 20% of the battery. 1. Optimized night charging (for night) Charge to 80% while sleeping at night and stop charging, and expect to be charged to 100% when you wake up in the morning. Path: Settings > Search “Optimized night charging” in the search bar > Optimized night charging. Supported version: realme UI 4.0 and above version Note: The Optimized night charging will be upgraded to Wise charging with the version update. 2. Wise charging (for all day) Our wise charging feature will automatically adjust the charging speed and level to decelerate battery aging according to your usage habits. When you have scenarios where you charge for a long time, such as working or sleeping, we will pause the charging when the battery reaches 80%, and then quickly fill up to 100% before you expect to unplug the charger. (For example: If you are a taxi driver (or an office worker) who likes to keep the charger plugged in while working, we will limit the charging to 80% during your working hours, and then resume charging to 100% before you finish work.) Path: Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Wise charging. Supported models: realme 11 Pro+, realme 11 Pro, realme narzo 60 Pro

  • Applicable products: Smartphones,Tablets System version: realmeUI 5.0 and above Communication sharing With Communication sharing, tablets can use nearby phones' communication capabilities to connect to the internet, make or receive phone calls, and send or receive messages. Nearby phones and tablets must be on the same account. Mobile data sharing: There's no need to turn on your phone's personal hotspot. Simply turn on Wi-Fi on your tablet and phone, and the tablet will automatically use the phone's mobile data to browse the internet. Calling sharing:When you receive a phone call, your tablet and phone will both ring. You can answer the call on either device or switch the call to your tablet from your phone. You can also make calls from your tablet. Messaging sharing: New messages are simultaneously delivered to your phone and tablets. You can reply to a message or start a new conversation from any device. How to enable Communication sharing 1. Make sure your tablet and phone are signed in to the same HeyTap Account. Your phone can only share communications with one tablet at a time. 2. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both your tablet and phone. 3. Go to "Settings - Connection & sharing - Multi-Screen Connect" and turn on Auto connect on your tablet and phone. 4. Go to "Settings - Connection & sharing - Multi-Screen Connect - Communication sharing" and turn on Messaging sharing, Mobile data sharing, and Calling sharing on your tablet and phone. 5. Look for the network icon in the tablet's status bar as an indication of successful sharing. 6. When your tablet is connected to Wi-Fi, mobile data sharing is disabled. To experience mobile data sharing, go to "Settings - Wi-Fi" to disconnect or forget the Wi-Fi connection. Available on (all models must upgrade to realmeUI 5.0 or a later version): Phone: realme GT series(must upgrade to realmeUI 5.0) Tablet: Tablets equipped with ColorOS13.1 or above

  • During daily use, your phone's slit, receiver, speaker, headphone jack and USB interface might be contaminatedby dirt and impurities, which will cause poor firmware contact, or block the receiver and speaker; or even breed bacteria and affect your health. So daily cleaning is necessary.Dip a lint-free cloth, medical cotton sticker or makeup cotton in distilled water or low concentration alcohol, then wipe the surface of the phone. When cleaning phone slits and holes, you can clean the dust with a dry toothbrush or a toothpick, or blow the dust with a cold air hair dryer. In addition, to absorb the dust with a low power handheld mini vacuum cleaner is also feasible.If impurities cannot be cleaned up, contact realme Service Center for professional assistances. * NEVER blow dust with a hot air hair dryer to prevent damage caused by overheating. * DO NOT remove the battery cover when cleaning dust to prevent phone electronic components damage.

  • For security and privacy purpose, Google has removed [Forget password] function to keep your phone under secure and private protection. Unless you made a backup before you forgot your passcode, there isn't a way to save your device's data. You'll need to take your phone, proof of purchase and warranty card to visit realme Service Center to flash your device, which deletes all of your data and settings.

  • Insert the card needle into the hole outside the card tray to pop it open. Pull out the card tray and place SIM card on it as per instructions. Insert horizontally to avoid tray damage or SIM card loose. Notice *If SIM card size doesn’t fit the slot, change your SIM card with your telecom operator. *Do not cut your SIM card on your own, otherwise your card may damage. Make sure the edge of SIM card is smooth. *Do not install or remove SIM card when phone is on.

  • We recommend the original phone case and screen protector to provide double protect to your realme phone. Original phone cases are produced with molds built with realme phone, and tested with realme phone as well. All this makes sure that every hole site of key and port minutely. realme phone case can provide strong protection to your phone.After testing for thousands of times,evidence shows that original phone case can minimize the damage caused by fall, shock, liquid invasion, dustinvasion, etc.. realme phone is also equipped with an original HD clear screen protector. It perfectly fits the angles and radians of the screen without blocking the camera or the light sensor,ensures high-definition and sensitiveness of screen. Besides that,it can also minimize the probability of screen scratch or damage in case the phone falls.

  • Take your phone out of the liquid immediately and turn off the phone at once and remove both the SIM and SD card.Use a tissue or soft cloth to thoroughly adsorb water stains or liquids and gently shake the phone in the opposite direction of liquid inflow so that the liquid can flow out. Blow-dry the phone with a fan or cold air hair dryer, then take your phone, warranty card and proof of purchase to a nearby realme Customer Center for repairs at once.DO NOT blow-dry the phone with a hot air hair dryer to avoid phone firmware damage caused by overheating. Notice Emergency measures can effectively reduce the probability of damage, but there is still a certain risk of water damage caused by the failure of multiple precision electronic components inside the phone. Therefore, send your phone to Service Center for professional repairs as soon as possible.

  • There is no special requirement for the first time charge. The battery is designed to have a good performance in a wide range of ambient temperatures, with 16° C to 25° C (61° F to 77° F)as the ideal comfort zone.Its maximum lifespan cannot be reached with an unoriginal charger or under extreme temperature.Charging at temperatures above 45 °C will degrade battery performance, resulting in slower charging.When using your device in a very cold environment, you may notice a decrease in battery life, but this condition is temporary. Once the battery’s temperature returns to its normal operating range, its performance will return to normal as well.To avoid battery damage, realme smartphone will automatically stop charging at extreme ambient temperatures, and alerts you “Temperature is too low/high, the battery cannot be charged”, “Temperature is too low/high, the battery cannot be fully charged”.

  • Clone Phone can safely and rapidly transfer all the data including Personal Data (Contacts, Messages, etc.), System Data , Applications (Applications and Application Data) and Files like Audios, Videos, Photos and Documents. After both of devices have installed Clone Phone,On your new phone, go to [Tools] > [Clone Phone], select “This is the new phone”. On you old phone, go to [Clone Phone] and select “This is the old phone” and scan the QR Code generated by the new phone to start cloning. During the process, Keep your device close to the other to ensure the network connection.

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