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three color realme band

realme band realme Band

Live Fit. Live Smart.

realme band on the front
Large Color Display
Real-time Heart Rate Monitor
USB Direct Charge
Smart Notifications
  • Apps
  • SMS
  • Calls
Intelligent Sports Tracker
Personalized Dial Face
Sleep Quality Monitor
realme Link Smart App
realme Band on the side

Large Color DisplayA Better View

2.4cm (0.96”) large color screen can display a vast range of more than 65,000 colors. Featuring a touch-button, the display is easy and intuitive to operate.

Personalized Dial FaceYour Real Design

Flaunt your style with one of the five unique Dial Faces that are built-in the band. Simply select and change to your favorite Dial Face via the realme Link app.

realme Band Dial Face
realme Band Dial Face
realme Band Dial Face
realme Band Dial Face
realme Band Dial Face


Intelligent Sports racker 9 Sport Modes - realme Band
Intelligent Sports racker 9 Sport Modes - realme Band

Intelligent SportsTracker 9 Sport Modes

realme Band supports 9 sport modes such as walking, running, yoga, and more. Whatever be your passion, the realme Band will be your partner through it all.

* The realme Band can store any 3 out of 9 sport modes. For selecting a different sport, use the realme Link app.

  • Yoga
  • Run
  • Spinning
  • Cricket
  • Walk
  • Fitness
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Bike
Special Cricket Mode Made for India - realme Band

Special Cricket ModeMade for India

The realme Band features a dedicated Cricket Mode, which has been designed specially for India. So the next time you fancy a game of cricket, just switch on the Cricket Mode and get detailed statistics about the activity.

IP68 Water Resistant - realme Band

IP68 Water ResistantDo More, Worry Less.

realme Band comes with IP68 rating, which means it is protected against dirt, dust, sand and occasional dips in the water. Now whatever you want to do, do it worry-free.

Your24/7 HealthAssistant

Real-timeHeart RateMonitor

The built-in high precision PPG optical heart rate sensor accurately measures your real-time heart rate every 5 minutes, allowing you to keep a close watch on your health.

Sleep Quality Monitor

By tracking the movement and the heart rate, our algorithm can intelligently analyze sleep quality and generate a report which helps you know more about your sleeping pattern.

Sleep Quality Monitor - realme Band

Idle Alert, Keeps You Healthier

After sitting for a long time, the realme Band will automatically remind you to move or take a walk. What's more, it can also help you drink water at regular intervals, keeping you hydrated and healthy.

Idle Alert, Keeps You Healthier - realme Band

Lift Wrist to Wake Up

A special 3-axis accelerometer sensor wakes up the display whenever you lift your wrist, enabling you to check your data like time, steps, and app notifications.

Lift Wrist to Wake Up - realme Band

Smart Notifications

  • Calls
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • SMS

USB Direct ChargeNo Extra Cables

To charge the realme Band, directly plug it in a USB port, without the need of any charging cable.

Premium & Minimalist
          Design - realme Band

Premium & MinimalistDesign

Featuring a curved display, the realme Band is sure to enhance your style statement with a simple and premium borderless design.

          and Ergonomic - realme Band

Comfortableand Ergonomic

The realme Band weighs only 20g and is made from light and environment-friendly polymer material. The ergonomic design can fit most wrist designs comfortably.

Wear Your Color

The realme Band comes with 3 stylish color strap options.

Black realme Band
Yellow realme Band
Green realme Band

Unlock Your PhoneSafely and Quickly.

Now you have a safer and faster way to unlock your phone. Just get your band close to your phone, and it will automatically unlock your phone.*

* in effective connection area** Android Smart Lock


1. Turning on/off

The realme Band automatically turns on when charging.

The realme Band automatically turns off when the battery level is less than 3%.

*Note: Before first time use, make sure to charge the band to activate it.

2. Setting up the band

- Downloading realme Link

Install the app by searching and downloading “realme Link” on the Google Play on your smart devices.

- Binding the band

On the “Adding a device” interface of realme Lin app, select the corresponding device from the device list. On the “Binding confirmation” interface of the band, press and hold the Function key to cancel the binding.

- Synchronizing data

Data is generated during daily use of the band. Synchronize the data of the band with the app by connecting your smartphone to the band.



Color:Black, Green, Yellow



Wrist strap

Type:Removable wrist strap


Adjustable length:152-227mm


Battery capacity:90mAh(BIS) Charging

Theoretical working time:10 days

* 7 to 10 days with heart rate monitor on


Screen size:2.4cm(0.96”)


Single virtual button


3-axis accelerometer

Heart rate sensor

Rotor Vibration motor

IP68(1.5m) Water Resistance Rating


Bluetooth 4.2

realme Link APP

Android 5.0+

Health monitor

Automated heart rate measurement, 24-hour real-time heart rate, resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, sleep detection, steps throughout the day, calories, distance, water reminder, sedentary reminder

Sport mode

Cricket, yoga, running, walking, hiking, climbing, cycling, spinning, fitness

Other function

Clock, date display, horizontal and vertical screen, dial, cloud multi-dial, OTA upgrade, cloud multi-language font, data storage, all-day data, automatic motion recognition, call notification, message reminder, alarm reminder, goal completion reminder, binding confirmation reminder, low battery reminder, brightness adjustment, automatic brightness reduction at night, approach unlock, weather forecast, wear monitoring

* cloud multi-dial, multi-language font, weather forecast features will be coming soon by OTA.

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