To the ambition that built our past, and to the diligence building our future


It was in a market research meeting that I learned realme had become the sixth-largest brand in global smartphone market. This exciting news had just come out in a report from the leading industry analysis firm Counterpoint.


We were all thrilled to see that realme was the youngest brand among the top 10, and honored to be mentioned in the same breath as industry giants who used to be beyond reach.


When realme first appeared in analysts' rankings in fall 2018, we came in at number 47. Now, we are not only sixth in the world, but also among the top five in 18 markets, including first-place rankings in the Philippines and Bangladesh.


Over the past three years, as a newborn brand, we have been both fearless and ambitious — fearless in challenging existing giants, and ambitious in our desire to win.

Not only is realme itself new to the market, but also our team is young and full of newcomers. In fact, our team's average age is less than 29. These young people don't shrink away from the challenges of the unknown, and they're passionate about bringing good products to more young people around the world.


Our team has traveled to various countries, bringing good products with them and bringing good stories back. In Cherrapunji, we met a ranger who used realme products to monitor the local ecosystem. In Poland, we met fans who drove 300 kilometers to our in-person event in Warsaw, just to get firsthand experience with the realme GT. We met our users from all over the world in their countries: on a campus in New Delhi, in an office building in Madrid, by a pyramid in Egypt, in a skatepark in Mexico City, and beyond. Every time we've met with them, it's reassured us to see our great products reaching more people across the world. And this, in turn, has fueled our ambition for further success.


The mission of making great products for young people all over the world may seem idealistic, but achieving it requires effort on a very practical level.


Now that we've leapt from the newcomer position all the way to number 6 worldwide, what's next for realme?


First of all, our products are still our priority. Only by devoting as much time as possible to the products will we be able to keep making progress.


We've converted our GT, Digit, C, and Narzo series into fixed product lines, and will be positioning the GT series as realme's only premium product line. We will continue to explore possibilities with the GT series, and we are planning to launch products that can compete with the top Android flagship devices on the market.


As for the popular Digit series, we will continue working hard to bring cutting-edge technology and trendsetting design to more young people.

In terms of sales targets, we're hoping to double the volume of our smartphone sales in three years. This also includes the "double 100 million" growth target we've announced — we are aiming to ship another 100 million handsets by the end of 2022, and do it yet again by the end of 2023.


Our long-term goal is to become a heavy hitter on a global scale, as well as a trendsetter that young people worldwide look to. Through it all, what motivates us most profoundly is bringing great products to more young people worldwide. Even though our journey ahead is bound to be rugged and rough, when we look back in the future, this will all be part of our beautiful story. We are ambitious in our goals, and committed to pouring all of our passion and effort into achieving them.



Founder and CEO of realme

September 22, 2021

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