• Go to [Settings] > [Additional Settings] >  [Back up & restore] > [Local backup] > creat[New Backup]; Select the data to be backed up and get started, and this backup will be stored in a date-named folder on phone storage. Folder contains your photos and screenshots. Pictures downloaded from Apps are saved in [Pictures/Photo], [Movies], [Music] and [Pictures] folders contain your videos, audio, and pictures respectively. Connect your phone to your computer, copy what you need to your computer. Moreover, via Clone Phone, you can quickly transfer all data from one smartphone to another phone as data backup.

    * The settings and paths may be different from the phone.

    * After the backup is completed, copy and transfer the data again as a backup to prevent data loss or damage.

    * To support the whole backup process to complete, make sure the battery level of realme smartphone is over 50% and don’t turn off or restart your phone during the backup process. 

    * Backups will be erased when you flash the phone, wipe data or reset realme phone to factory settings.

  • Draw up the mobile phone screen to the background, and then click the two-circle icon in the upper right corner of the screen.  Click [Lock].

  • If you want to save the content on your phone in an album or share it with others quickly, you can use the screenshot function of realme phone. It supports regional screenshot (rectangular) and scrolling screenshot.

    1.Press key screenshot

    Short press the [power key + down volume key] at the same time to realize fast screen capture.

    2.Use 3-finger screenshot

    a.realme UI 2.0: Go to [Settings] > [Convenience tools] > [Screenshot]. Turn on the [3-finger swipe down] to realize fast screen capture.

    b.realme UI 1.0: Go to [Settings] > [Other settings] > [Screenshot]. Turn on the [3-finger swipe down] to realize fast screen capture.

    3.Use Assistive Ball screenshot

    a.Go to [Settings] > [Convenience tools] > [Assistive Ball] and turn on the [Assistive Ball];

    b.Select the operation mode of [Tap menu];

    c.Tap the Assistive Ball and click the [screenshot] icon to take a screenshot.

    4.Use Smart Sidebar screenshot

    a.Go to [Settings] > [Convenience tools] > [Smart Sidebar] and open it;

    b.Swipe the screen to call out [Sidebar] and click the [screenshot] icon to take a screenshot.

    Scrolling Screenshot

    If you want to capture complete image text, you can do so through scrolling screen capture. After taking screenshots in the above ways, click the scrolling screenshot button at the bottom of the screenshot preview interface, and slide the screen down according to the prompt to take a scrolling screen.

    a.Click the screenshot preview interface; select [scroll] in the lower right corner. Slide down the screen to take a scrolling screenshot according to the prompt.

    b.Touch and hold with 3 fingers and swipe to the bottom edge to take a scrolling screenshot.

    c.Touch and hold with 3 fingers on any area of the screen; enter the screen capture option. Drag the border to slide out of the screen, and trigger the scrolling screen capture.

    Regional (Rectangular) Screenshot

    a.If you want to capture partial image text, you can use the regional screenshot. After ordinary screen capture through the above methods, click [Edit] in the interface; select [Crop&rotate], and drag the border to adjust the screen capture area to achieve regional screen capture. You can also use [Markup] to mark in the screen capture, or add a filter, add text, mosaic and other operations. Click [Send] to share with your friends.

    b.You can also use three fingers to long press any area of the screen to take a regional screenshot; drag the border to adjust the screenshot area. After taking the screenshot, you can select cancel, edit, send, save and other operations.

  • If your phone lags behind, there are too many junk files and caches or problems with the system or application.Therefore, you can perform [Erase all data(factory reset)].

    By doing [Erase all data(factory reset)], all data in your phone will be permanently erased, so you need to back up and transfer it to the computer or SD card to prevent data loss.

    Go to [Settings] > [Additional settings] > [Back up and reset] > [Erase all data(factory reset)] to reset your Phone.

    In [Erase all data(factory reset)], Phone has four options. Choose one according to your needs

    * Any reset option cannot be revoked once it is operated.

  • When the phone stops working normally under certain circumstances (e.g. unable to restart or shut down, update the system, erase data), you can repair the problem in Recovery Mode. After the phone is turned off, press and hold the power and volume down buttons until the phone enters recovery mode. You can download the firmware to your phone storage, then click [Install from storage device] > [From phone storage]; find the firmware you’ve downloaded and click it to start updating.

    * Back up your data before updating the system.

    * Plug your phone into power or keep the battery level over 40%.

    * System update takes 3-5mins. Do not force power off your phone during the update.

  • If your phone doesn't respond when touching screen, or the phone screen freezes when using some applications, you can force the phone to restart to solve this problem. Forced restart will not erase the contents of the phone unless they are damaged or invalid.

    Press and hold both the Power and Volume Up buttons for at least eight seconds, until the phone is turned on.

    If you cannot force restart your phone, plug in your phone with the original charger and let it charge for up to 30 minutes, and then try again. If the problem persists,  You need totake your phone to a nearby realme Service Center for repair.

  • Each application may require some data or access to other features of the phone (e.g. location services, photos, contacts, etc.). When you encounter some problems, such as Facebook can't take photos, you need to check whether you refuse the permission to take photos.

    Go to [Settings] > [Privacy] > [Permission manager]. Select an application, and then select accept, reject, or restrict call, SMS, device, and privacy related permissions.

  • Clone Phone can safely and rapidly transfer all the data including Personal Data (Contacts, Messages, etc.), System Data , Applications (Applications and Application Data) and Audios, Videos, Photos and Documents and other files.

    After both of devices have installed Clone Phone. On your new phone, go to [Tools] > [Clone Phone]; select [New phone].  On your old phone, go to [Clone Phone] and select [Old phone] and scan the QR Code generated by the new phone to start cloning.

    During the process, Keep your device close to the other to ensure the network connection.

  • There is no special requirement for the first time charge.The battery is designed to have good performance in a wide range of ambient temperatures, and 0 ° C to 35 ° C is an ideal comfort zone.Its maximum lifespan cannot be reached with an unoriginal charger or under extreme temperature.Charging at temperatures above 45 °C will degrade battery performance, resulting in slower charging.When using your device in a very cold environment, you may notice a decrease in battery life, but this condition is temporary. Once the battery’s temperature returns to its normal operating range, its performance will return to normal as well.To avoid battery damage, realme smartphone will automatically stop charging  at extreme ambient temperatures, and alerts you “Temperature is too low/high, the battery cannot be charged”.

  • Take your phone out of the liquid immediately and turn off the phone at once. Please remember to remove both the SIM and SD card, and then use a tissue or soft cloth to thoroughly adsorb water stains or liquids. Shake the phone gently in the opposite direction of liquid inflow so that the liquid can flow out.

    Dry the phone with a fan or cold air blower, and then immediately take the phone, warranty card and purchase certificate to the nearby realm Customer Center for repair. Don't  blow-dry the phone with a hot air hair dryer to avoid phone firmware damage caused by overheating.


    Emergency measures can effectively reduce the probability of damage, but there is still a certain risk of water damage due to the failure of multiple precision electronic components in the phone. Therefore, send your phone to Service Center for professional repairs as soon as possible.

  • It is recommended the original phone case and screen protector to provide double protect for your realme phone.

    Original phone cases are produced with molds built with realme phone, and tested with realme phone as well. All this ensures that each hole position of the key and port is accurate. Realme phone case can provide strong protection to your phone. After testing for thousands of times,evidence shows that original phone case can minimize the damage caused by fall, shock,  liquid invasion, dustinvasion, etc..

    Realme phone is also equipped with an original HD clear screen protector. It perfectly fits the angles and radians of the screen without blocking the camera or the light sensor, and ensures high-definition and sensitiveness of screen.In addition, it can minimize the possibility of screen scratch or damage when the mobile phone falls.

  • Insert the card needle into the hole outside the card tray to pop it open.

    Pull out the card tray according to the instructions and place the SIM card on it.

    Insert horizontally to avoid tray damage or SIM card loose. 


    *If the SIM card size doesn't match the slot, please replace the SIM card with the telecom operator. 

    *Do not cut the SIM card by yourself, otherwise the SIM card will be damaged. Please make sure the SIM card edge is smooth.

    *Do not unplug or insert the SIM card when the phone is turned on, which may cause the SIM card to be unreadable. If the problem occurs, you need to restart the phone once to return to normal.

  • For security and privacy purpose, Google has removed [Forget password] function to keep your phone under secure and private protection.

    You cannot save device data unless you have backed up before forgetting your password. You need to bring your phone,  purchase certificate and warranty card to visit the realm Service Center to flash your device, which will delete all your data and settings.

  • In daily use, the gap, receiver, speaker, earphone jack and USB interface of the phone may be polluted by dirt and impurities, resulting in poor firmware contact or blocking the receiver and speaker; even breed bacteria, affecting your health.

    Therefore, daily cleaning is necessary. Dip a lint free cloth, medical cotton sticker or cotton pad in distilled water or low concentration alcohol, and then wipe the surface of the phone.

    When cleaning the gaps and holes of the mobile phone, you can clean the dust with a dry toothbrush or toothpick, or dry the dust with a cold air blower. In addition, it is also feasible to use a low-power handheld micro vacuum cleaner. If impurities cannot be removed, please contact realme Service Center for professional assistance.

    * Do not use a hot air blower to blow dust to prevent damage caused by overheating.

    * Do not remove the battery cover when cleaning dust to prevent phone electronic components damage.

  • Follow these steps before taking the device to a realme Authorized Service Provider. If your device can turn on or respond, please complete as many steps as possible:

    1. Back up your device.

    2. Log off your cloud service account and delete your screen lock password.

    3. If you need proof of purchase for your service, please bring the sales receipt.

    4. Bring equipment and accessories that need help.

  • After checking your realme product, the technician will confirm the total cost of repair or replacement. In some cases, repairs may be covered by the realme warranty at no cost. But this does not include chargeable accidental damage.

    If your realm equipment is damaged, your maintenance cost will vary according to the maintenance situation. realme authorized service providers can set their own fees, or you can contact realme online support for assistance.

  • This warranty does not cover accidental damage or any of the following circumstances, but paid maintenance service can be provided.

    1. After the warranty period;

    2. There is no valid purchase certificate. If the customer can prove that the mobile phone is within the warranty period, an exception can be made;

    3. There is no official warranty commitment of realme;

    4. The mobile phone is damaged due to improper use (such as falling, squeezing, water stains, etc.);

    5. Damage and failure caused by uncontrollable external forces (such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike and traffic accident);

    6. Failure to use and maintain the product in accordance with the instructions, resulting in damage or failure, such as use under extreme temperature, use of non real accessories, etc.;

    7. Natural wear of products (such as shell, button, display, accessories, etc.);

    8. Disassembly, self repair, modification, rooting and other human behaviors that cause damage.

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