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  • The battery life of the watch is based on the power consumption mode, and the battery life may vary in different conditions, such as turning on AOD, automatic blood oxygen detection, automatic pressure detection, long-term outdoor sports, etc. Problem causes 1. The speed of power consumption is related to the frequency of use of the watch. If you frequently raise your wrist to brighten the screen or receive the message reminder frequently, it will lead to faster power consumption. 2. Because the watch will continuously acquire, detect and calculate various sports data in the sports mode, the device will consume a lot of power during exercise, which will cause fast power consumption. 3. If the product is not powered on for a long time, or if the product is not powered up in time after a low-power shutdown and is placed for a long time, the battery capacity will easily decay, making the product’s battery life worse. 4. During use, it is not noticed that the product needs to be charged at 5V voltage, but a high-power charger is used to cause the capacitor to be broken down. After the capacitor is broken down, it will cause abnormal power consumption and lead to fast power consumption. Solution: 1. It is recommended that you turn on sports mode when exercising. 2. It is recommended to keep the watch battery powered or powered off when not in use. 3. It is recommended to use a 5V adapter for charging. 4. Please restart the watch and confirm whether the watch battery draining issue has been solved. If the issue remains unresolved, back up your data and take your device and proof of purchase to an authorized realme Service Center for assistance.

  • 1. The higher the ambient temperature, the higher the temperature of the earphone would be when charging. Charge the earphone at a normal ambient temperature (15°C to 35°C). The temperature of the earphone will not exceed 45°C. 2. The higher the ambient temperature, the higher the surface temperature of the earphone in use will be, but the surface temperature of the earphone will not exceed the ambient temperature of 10℃. Please do not expose it to a high-temperature environment or sunlight for a long time. 3. Damage to the earphone will also lead to the abnormal fever of the earphone (liquid inflow, falling, functional failure). If the issue persists, take the earphones and proof of purchase to an authorized realme Customer Service Center for assistance.

  • Method 1: Change Watch Face with realme Link 1. Connect your realme watches with realme Link. 2. Select your watch in realme Link. 3. Tap Face gallery and select the watch face you want. Method 2: Change Watch Face by the Watch 1. Tap and hold the current watch face of your Watch. 2. Swipe to navigate and see other watch faces. 3. Tap to select the desired watch face. Related articles: How to connect and pair realme watch by realme Link?

  • Operation step: 1. After installing the app, go to Me > Register to register a new account. 2. Enter your phone number and password to register an account.

  • Method 1: Path: Turn on realme Link > Me > Setting > Version update. If there is the latest version, this will prompt. If it is the latest version, this will show the latest version. Method 2: You can search realme Link in Google Play store. If an update is displayed, it is not the latest version. please update it

  • Reasons: 1. The phone's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are not on. 2. The app is not entitled to access location. 3. Phone or IOT devices do not support connection via realme Link. 4. IOT device not in pairing state. 5. IOT device already connected to other phones. 6. Power is low on the device and is not in the range of a valid connection to the phone. 7. Heavy signal interference in the environment. Solutions: 1. The realme Link connected device requires Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to be enabled, please enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 2. Please enable the app location permission. If the app is not granted location permission, then the app will not be able to locate accurately, so that the device cannot be searched for. 3. Please make sure your phone and device both support connection via realme Link. If the phone or device does not support connection via realme Link, then the IOT device will be not searched. 4. Check that the IOT device is switched on and in pair ( refer to the manual of the device), if not, please turn on the pairing. 5. Please check if the device is connected to another phone. If the device is connected to another phone, then the device cannot be searched. Please disconnect from the other phone and try again. 6. Please ensure that the device is powered or fully charged, and close to the phone. 7. You can change your position to ensure that there is no heavy signal interference and that the phone is as close to the device as possible before trying to connect again. 8. You can go to Settings > Bluetooth > Search for the device name on the phone and click to connect. Then you can operate the device in realme Link. 9. Please upgrade the version of the app, a low version of realme link may cause some functions to not work properly. 10. Please restart the phone or IOT device and try to connect again. If none of the above methods solve your problem, please back up your phone data and bring your purchase certificate to the nearest realme customer service center for testing and processing.

  • 1. First download the realme Link APP in Google Play and log in to your account. 2. On the home page, click the icon "+", and select Lighting - realme Smart Bulb in the "Manually Added" interface. At this point, the screen jumps to the WiFi connection interface. You can select one of the WiFis you want to connect to the blub, enter the WiFi password, click Save, and then click Next. 3. At this time, realme Link will enter the device search state, search for nearby bulbs that emit WiFi signals, select the searched device and pair and connect. Note: It takes about 60 seconds to pair the device. If the "Auto connect to the best Wi-Fi" function is enabled in the Wi-Fi Assistant on the phone, it will prompt that there is error network. Please turn off Wi-Fi Assistant.

  • Steps: 1. Swipe up the black camera. And you can see a card slot. 2. Insert your SD card.

  • The noise reduction function will change the air pressure in the ear canal, which will cause a certain negative pressure. If you feel sick, kindly change the ear caps of different sizes to improve the experience, thank you.

  • Steps: 1. Please prepare a soft clean cloth. 2. Please use the cloth to wipe the Bluetooth speaker gently. Note: Don't remove the Soundhole metal mesh for cleaning. This will cause irreparable damage to the speaker.

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