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  • This mode ensures that you can hear natural and clear ambient sounds, which enables you to simultaneously listen to music while being aware of their surroundings or talking with their friends.

  • Kindly follow below steps to reset smart cam 360°: 1. Connect mobile with 2.4Ghz of WiFi network first.2. Download & install the latest version of realme link app from play store.3. Open realme link app & tap on "+" icon .4. Turn on the power supply of smart camera.5. Wait untill red LED starts blinking on the camera.6. When red LED starts blinking, go to manual add > Select Security > Select camera.7. Tap camera and enter Wi-Fi password .8. Make sure, read LED is blinking continuously, if yes then tap on next.9. It will show available camera, then pairing will take around 1 minute.10. Name the device and click on done.

  • If you want to know whether the realme earphone supports automatic firmware upgrade, please refer to the article:《realme bluetooth earphone firmware upgrade adapter model》Prerequisites for firmware upgrade:1. realme Link is the latest versionPlease make sure your realme Link APP is the latest version, you can open the realme Link APP >click on Me > Settings > Version update to check for updates (you can also download the latest version of realme Link in the App store) 2. Maintain sufficient powera. If the current battery of the neckband earphone is more than 40%, it should be kept turned on;b. TWS Bluetooth earphones need to ensure that the power of both the earphone and the charging case needs to be more than 50%. Both ears must be placed in the charging case and in the open state. Do not operate the earphone during the upgrade process.Operation steps:1. When the phone is connected to the Bluetooth earphone, and there is a new version of the firmware. A pop-up window will prompt you to upgrade when you open the realme Link APP, click to "start" the upgrade;2. If you do not receive the upgrade reminder, open the realme Link APP >select the corresponding Bluetooth earphone to enter the function setting > click the 2 small dots in the upper right corner > enter the device details > select the firmware upgrade.Note: Do not use or charge the earphone during the upgrade process, which may cause the upgrade to fail. After the firmware upgrade is complete:a. After the upgrade is completed, the earphone is still restarting. When you open the cover, you will find that the indicator light is red. Please close the cover again and wait for 5 seconds before using it.b. The new version of the earphone does not support fallback. If the upgrade fails during the firmware upgrade process:Please confirm that the firmware upgrade conditions are met. After ensuring that the conditions are met, please refer to 《How to reset the realme wireless bluetooth earphones? 》Try again after resting the earphone.If the above steps cannot solve your problem, please bring your purchase certificate and go to the nearest realme customer service center.

  • Problem phenomenon:1. The power of the earphone is low.2. The earphone is abnormal.3. Beyond the effective range of the Bluetooth earphone.4. Environmental interference.Troubleshooting steps:1. Try connecting after chargingTo avoid disconnection due to insufficient power of the earphone, please ensure that the power is sufficient and try to connect.2. Reconnect the earphoneThe earphone supports the preemptive connection function. The previously paired device actively initiates the connection, and the earphone is preempted and disconnected. You can temporarily turn off the Bluetooth of the device or cancel the pairing with the earphone, put the earphone and the device together (within 10 meters), and re-pair and connect.3. Reset the earphone and try againRefer to 《How to reset the realme wireless bluetooth earphones?》 to reset the earphone.4. Restart the phone and its BluetoothPut the two earphones into the charging case for more than 5 seconds, turn off the Bluetooth of the phone again, and then take out the earphones and reconnect them to confirm whether there is a problem.5. Away from the environment with large electromagnetic interferenceIf you experience hanging in all scenarios, you may be in an environment with a lot of interference. Please wear earphones away from environments with strong interference (such as airports, subways, induction cookers, etc.).If the above methods cannot solve the problem, please bring your purchase certificate to the realme customer service center.

  • Passive Noise Cancellation(PNC):Passive Noise Cancellation is the noise that headphones block out based on the physical design of the earcups. In short, a relatively closed space is formed between the sound generating unit and the ear, and some sound insulation materials such as fillers are used to block the external noise. It is used most heavily in the headphones market.Advantages: It can greatly reduce high-frequency noise.Disadvantages:1. For some low-frequency noise, the isolation effect is not good.2. The effect of passive noise cancellation will be reduced in the vehicle or engine room. Active Noise Cancellation(ANC):Active noise cancellation is a method of noise reduction. The propagation of sound is realized through the vibration of the medium. If there is an inverse phase between waves, it will be offset under theoretical conditions. The principle of active noise reduction is to send out completely opposite sound waves according to the specified noise, so that the two sound waves offset each other when they meet, so as to isolate the noise.Advantages:It can eliminate the background noise with low frequency.Disadvantages: 1. High price2. Since the active noise cancellation earphone will send out additional sound waves to offset the noise, the sound details will be lost and the sound quality will be discounted.3. The active noise cancellation earphone contains an acoustic processor, etc., so turning on the active noise reduction mode will speed up the power consumption of the wireless earphone.

  • Problem phenomenon:When using third-party app, the other party hears voice intermittently.Solution:There are many reasons for the intermittent call, please check as follows:Check the Phone calls stateMake sure the "Phone Audio" switch is turned on by going to Settings > Bluetooth > Paired Devices > Phone calls.Turn off the player allow simultaneous playback with other appsSome music players may cause abnormal voice such as voice noise, silent playback, incomplete voice information playback, etc. when allow simultaneous playback with other apps. Please turn off this option in the settings of the music player software.Choose a good signal environmentFor places with severe interference, this problem may occur. It is recommended to go to an environment with good signal and no electromagnetic interference before making a voice call.Reset the earphonePress and hold the function button for more than 10 seconds until the indicator light flashes, please reset the earphone and then reconnect it.If the problem still exists, please bring the product and purchase certificate to the realme service center.Related Articles: How to reset the realme wireless bluetooth earphones?

  • Refer to the following steps and perform the necessary actions:Go to Settings on the main interface>Security >Screen lock >Pattern

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