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  • 1. Introduction: When RCS chat is enabled in Google Messages, you can enjoy secure, interactive messages on your Android phone, something that previously required a third-party app. RCS chat is quickly becoming one of the world's most popular texting standards, as it adds many advanced features like advanced media sharing, inline replies, typing indicators, and encryption. 2. What is RCS Messaging, and what’s different about it vs. regular text messages? Rich Communications Services (RCS) is a communication protocol that will ultimately replace MMS and SMS messages on Android devices. Although the protocol was created in 2007, it failed to take off until fairly recently. Google worked closely with the GSMA, its members, and carriers around the globe to create a universal profile for RCS that uses Android’s Messages client in 2019. Many Android users can use RCS Messaging now, but the messaging protocol is not supported on iOS. The RCS update offers a better overall messaging experience with features that are similar to what you’ll find on iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Encrypted messaging, enhanced media sharing, group chats, and real-time typing indicators are just a few of the improvements that come with RCS chat. Most modern Android phones ship with Google Messages as the default texting app, which includes RCS. 3. How to turn on or off RCS Chats in the Google Messages app? All realme phones with Google Messages app support RCS chats, please follow the path to enable chat features: 1. Open the Messages app > Google account profile picture > Messages settings > RCS chats > switch for Turn on/off RCS chats. 2. You might be asked to verify your phone number. 3. You'll see Status: Connected when verification is complete. Once you're connected, RCS is ready to go. 4. With RCS disabled, the messages you send and receive revert to traditional SMS/MMS text format until you enable RCS again. 4. What RCS features does Google Messages have? RCS chat can share high-resolution photos and videos, an improvement over traditional texts. You can also send messages over Wi-Fi and mobile data. In the RCS chats section of the Settings menu, you'll see more options to enhance your chats: Send read receipts: This feature marks a message as read, so you don't need to confirm everything. Real-time typing indicators: Turning this on lets others know you're typing, a sign that your reply is in progress. Automatically resend as text (SMS/MMS messages): If switched on, your message is sent as a traditional text if RCS isn't available. Automatically download files over mobile data: This control lets you limit the size of files or disable downloads when using mobile data. Automatically downloading files while roaming is a toggle that is off by default to prevent the possibility of extra carrier charges. 5. Google Messages has plenty of built-in features that work without any setup: Message reactions: If both users have RCS enabled, you can react to each other's messages. Press and hold the message you want to react to, and a menu with emoji to select pops up. Tap the emoji you want to react with, and the other person can see your reaction. This works for all users, with or without RCS. Group messages: A group message is created if all users texted have RCS. This group message lets all users take advantage of RCS features. For instance, if one person is typing, all other users will see that. End-to-end encryption: Encryption is enabled if both users have RCS. You'll know you are using encryption if you see a lock icon next to your read receipt on a message you sent. Respond to individual messages: You can respond to a specific message in a conversation to make it clear what you're responding to. Hold down the message and tap the arrow that pops up to reply to the specific message. Watch YouTube videos in app: If someone sends a link to a YouTube video, you can watch it in the app and respond quickly. Smart reply: These one-tap responses make basic communication super quick and easy.

  • Haptic feedback and vibration alerting serve different purposes. Haptics convey information to the user through their sense of touch, while vibration alerting captures a user's attention after an event or in an emergency. We recommend following the steps below to diagnose the device and check for any errors. realme UI 4.0 & 3.0: Phone Manager > Tool > Diagnostics or Tap on 3 dot on top right corner > Diagnostics. realme UI 2.0: Phone Manager > Diagnostics. realme UI 1.0: Phone Manager > Quick Check. realme R & S & Go & T Edition: Not supported

  • System Launcher, as the name suggests is an inbuilt app that displays all installed apps in your device and enables you to launch them. Apps like phone and messaging, browsers, calculators, etc. System Launcher's user interface varies from device to device. Path: realme UI 1.0 and above version: Settings > Apps/App management > Default app > Home app > System launcher. realme UI R & S & T & Go Edition: Settings > Apps > Default app > Home app > Quickstep.

  • Skin detection is the process of finding skin-colored pixels and regions in an image or a video. This process is typically used as a preprocessing step to find regions that potentially have human faces and limbs in images. Path: Open Google Lens > Search > Take a picture of the skin.

  • What is Mini Capsule? Mini capsule refers to interacting with allowed apps or functions in the camera area and displaying corresponding animation effects or app pages. Path: Go to Settings > realme lab > Mini Capsule, you can choose to turn this function on or off. Supported models: realme C55, realme narzo N55, realme narzo N53, realme C53 Scene 1: Charging Trigger condition: Plug in the charging cable Color: Blue Light waves: Converge from both sides to the center, representing the accumulation of electricity Copy display: Charging wattage <33w, “charging” is displayed Charging wattage =33w, “SuperVooc” is displayed Scene 2: Fully charged Trigger condition: Fully charged Color: Green Light waves: Two sides are full of flickers, which means fully charged Copy display: Displays the remaining available time Scene 3: Low battery Trigger condition: Occurs when the battery remains 5% Color: Red Light waves: Flashing on both sides as a low power reminder Copy display: Displays the remaining available time Please pay attention to the follow-up OTA update for more functions. Related Articles: What is Sleep Capsule and how to use it?

  • There are several factors that can cause the battery to drain faster than usual: 1. High power consumption applications such as playing games and watching videos run for a long time, resulting in fast power consumption. 2. Running a large number of applications in the background leads to faster power consumption. 3. The higher the volume, the higher the screen brightness, and the faster the power consumption. 4. In places where the signal is not good, the phone will constantly send and receive Internet signals, which will increase power consumption. 5. Use phones for a long time at low temperatures. 6. Enabling app notifications, GPS positioning, HD, high frame rates, etc., will also consume more battery. Here are some tips to help you optimize your battery life effectively: 1. Turn on the Power saving mode You can turn on the Power saving mode, and go to Settings > Battery > Power saving mode. When it is turned on, it will automatically optimize the performance of the phone, stop the background synchronization function and prolong the battery life. You can also adjust the items to be optimized by yourself, go to Settings > Battery > turn on Power saving mode > Default optimization and add or remove some functions. 2. Turn off applications with high power consumption You can check which app consumes more power by Settings, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage, click the specific app and choose to close the apps you don't need to use temporarily. 3. Turn on the Auto select screen refresh rate (If the phone is only suitable for 60Hz, this function is not supported ) Go to Settings > search for Screen refresh rate > Auto select. The phone will switch the screen refresh rate according to the application to avoid consuming more power due to using a high refresh rate all the time. Related articles: How to prolong the battery life? How to handle the battery draining problem? How to check Phone battery usage?

  • To protect the battery life, the smart service function will intelligently control the charging speed according to your charging habits, and keep the battery level around 80% until the phone detects that you need a full charge, and then quickly fill up the remaining 20% of the battery. 1. Optimized night charging (for night) Charge to 80% while sleeping at night and stop charging, and expect to be charged to 100% when you wake up in the morning. Path: Settings > Search “Optimized night charging” in the search bar > Optimized night charging. Supported version: realme UI 4.0 and above version Note: The Optimized night charging will be upgraded to Wise charging with the version update. 2. Wise charging (for all day) Our wise charging feature will automatically adjust the charging speed and level to decelerate battery aging according to your usage habits. When you have scenarios where you charge for a long time, such as working or sleeping, we will pause the charging when the battery reaches 80%, and then quickly fill up to 100% before you expect to unplug the charger. (For example: If you are a taxi driver (or an office worker) who likes to keep the charger plugged in while working, we will limit the charging to 80% during your working hours, and then resume charging to 100% before you finish work.) Path: Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Wise charging. Supported models: realme 11 Pro+, realme 11 Pro, realme narzo 60 Pro

  • Shelf is a useful feature of the newly announced realme UI 4.0 which helps you to keep track of everything at one glance. Swipe down on the middle of Home screen to turn it on. Setting path: realme UI 4.0: Settings > Home screen & Lock screen > Swipe down on Home screen > Shelf / Notification drawer Search module: The top display Search meets the global search requirements. You can click + to add the required function card. Quick functions: Provides shortcut function. Users can subscribe/unsubscribe through shortcut functions. Click ">" to enter all shortcut functions. Subscription card area: Actively recommend services and content cards for users. You can directly use the functions on the card and subscribe with one click. Note: Not all realme UI 4.0 versions support this feature.

  • Ultra volume can increase the volume to 200%, providing a greater volume service, which is convenient for you to use in noisy environments. Supported 200% Volume models: realme 10, realme 10 Pro+, realme 10 Pro, realme narzo N55, realme C55 Supported 150% Volume models: realme narzo N53, realme C53 Usage scenarios: Super volume supports external playback scenarios such as games, music, long and short videos, ringtones, and alarm clocks, but does not support call external playback scenarios (phone calls, video calls, etc.) and headset scenarios. Setting method: Please press the volume + button to adjust the current volume to the maximum value, then press the volume up button again to turn it on, and the page will prompt that the super volume mode has been turned on. Note: This function will affect the sound quality. If you feel uncomfortable, it is recommended that you turn off Ultra Volume 200%. Related Articles: How to adjust the volume? How to set Volume button function?

  • Problem phenomenon: The signal of the phone card is normal, and the data cannot be used to surf the Internet. Causes: 1. Your phone might not have enough credit or data balance to access the internet with the data network. 2. Your phone might be using a VPN network that interferes with the internet connection. 3. Your APN access point setting might be abnormal and prevent the network from connecting. 4. Your SIM card might be from another country or special region that limits the network access. 5. Your network might have a temporary glitch that can be resolved by toggling Airplane mode. 6. Your system settings might be abnormal and prevent the network from connecting. 7. Some apps might not have mobile data permission enabled in the settings. 8. Data usage limit. Solution: 1. It is recommended that you consult the operator to check your data pack. 2. It is recommended that you turn off VPN and try again. Path: Settings > Connections & sharing > VPN. 3. If the APN access point setting of the phone has changed, the signal may be abnormal. Please try to reset the APN access point and try again. Path: realme UI 1.0 & 2.0: Settings > SIM card & mobile data > Select network card > Access point name > 2 dots in the upper right corner > Reset access points. realme UI 3.0 & 4.0: Settings > Mobile network > Select network card > Access point name > 3 dots in the upper right corner > Reset access points. realme R & Go & T & S Edition: Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network > Select network card > Access Point Names > 3 dots in the upper right corner > Reset to default. 4. It is recommended that you consult with the corresponding operator to enable the roaming service and whether the current area supports using this card to surf the Internet. 5. It is recommended that you turn on and off airplane mode to try again. 6. It is recommended that you update the system to the latest version, and reset the wireless settings before use. Path: realme UI 1.0 and above versions: Settings > Search ‘Reset network settings' > Reset network settings. realme UI R & T & Go & S Edition: Settings > System > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. 7. If individual apps cannot use mobile data, please check whether the mobile data permission is turned on. Path: Long press the app > App info > Data usage > Turn off Disable mobile data. 8. Turn off the data limit to try. realme UI 1.0 and above versions: Settings > Search Data usage limit > Data usage limit. realme UI R & Go & S & T Edition: Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network > Data warning & limit > Set data limit. If the above methods do not solve your problem, please back up your data and visit the nearest authorized realme service center for testing. Related articles: Weak or unstable phone signal How to fix slow Wi-Fi?

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