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Intuition Made Seamless
Our most powerful UI experience ever.
Seamless and
Intuitive Experience
Get updates in a flash.
Flash Capsule
Flash Capsule provides real-time notifications, saving you the hassle of switching through your apps. A quick glance gets you all your most essential notifications, and a quick touch takes you straight to the app. All your most important notifications––more seamless, more organized, more effortless.
Transfer content more seamlessly.
File Dock
Cross-app sharing made easy. Collect links, images, and texts more effortlessly than ever––just take a screenshot and drag to File Dock. With all the content you often share in one convenient location, there’s no more hassle with transferring content.
Share photos more intuitively.
Smart Image Matting
Extract people and even animals from photos with just the touch of the screen. Get creative with how you use and repurpose your photos, easily taking subjects out of one photo to use in another. Smart Image Matting even supports multi-subject recognition, allowing you to select any area of the photo with a simple touch.
real and Intuitive
A phone experience that
moves with you.
Adapative Colors
System color themes change based on your device status, time, and content. Drawing inspiration from nature, your software changes color throughout the day, like moving from sunrise to sunset. This integration with nature allows your interface to blend seamlessly with your surrounding environment, for a more immersive phone experience.
Personalized to your tastes.
Intuitive animations
By learning your intentions and enhancing the system's graphical expressiveness, your software brings a new set of system animations for a smooth design that aligns with your intuition.
Stay connected with just a glance.
Multiple AOD & Widgets
Flash Capsule presents high-frequency functions and services in multiple formats, ensuring your most essential notifications are visible at a glance, and functions are directly accessible with just a single tap.
Smart Life & Reliable Privacy
Power when you need it.
Smart Charging
With the use of AI, the system adapts to your charging habits in order to maintain your long-term battery health. By proactively reducing the charging current when in low-demand scenarios, like charging at night, the system reduces unnecessary battery aging.
Trinity Engine
Powered for the task at hand.
CPU Vitalization
Get the perfect level of performance in every scenario. With industry-leading computing power scheduling technology, the balance between high performance and low power consumption is calculated precisely through chip microarchitecture disassembly.
Up to 0.5h
battery life improvment
Next-level multitasking.
RAM Vitalization
Extreme background activity management, allowing apps to stay active for instant switching
  • Commonly used apps stay active for

    72 hours
  • Cold start speed of top 20 apps improved by

  • Retention rate of top 50 apps up to

Optimized storage.
ROM Vitalization
Lossless compression keeps the system running smoothly over time. Less frequently used apps are compressed without any loss of data, ensuring the system remains efficient while storage is optimized.
Save up to 21GB on 256GB phones

1. The device models and application service supported by Flash Capsule are subject to actual conditions. Some of the product/service information are provided by third parties, and realme does not guarantee the truth, accuracy or completeness of any information, content or advertising of third parties except as expressly provided by laws and regulations. Some of the information may contain links to third party websites, products and services.

2. Smart Image Matting supports up to 6 subjects for individual matting.

3. The maximum number of messages that can be dragged by File Dock is 99; applications supported by cross-application sharing are based on actual conditions.

4. “Up to 0.5 hours of battery life improvement” based on realme Lab data, please refer to the actual situation.

5. “Commonly used apps stay active for 72hours”, “Cold start speed of top 20 apps improved by 6%”, and “Retention rate for top 50 apps up to 90%” come from realme Lab, please refer to the actual conditions.

6. Based on 256GB ROM version, the data come from realme Lab. “21GB Saving Storage” varies in different models; Due to different factors such as software and hardware technology optimization, network environment, and personal usage habits, the actual experience may slightly vary in different scenarios.

* All data in the site come from realme Lab, for reference only. The actual data may vary depending on the use environment, equipment status, software version and other factors. Please refer to the actual data.

* The smartphone interface displayed in the whole site (including but not limited to UI and background) is only a functional reference; Each function belongs to different software versions, and the online time and region of different software versions may vary. Please refer to the actual conditions.

* The content and functions of the products displayed in the whole site cannot be guaranteed to provide permanent service, and may be adjusted due to changes in copyright, business or technical conditions. Please refer to the actual conditions

* We will continue to work hard for product function development, so the product interface (including but not limited to UI, background) and functional features, functional data displayed on the website may change, realme UI 5.0 official website may update all the content of the website display page in real time. In the case of the above, we will not give another notice. The right of final interpretation of the above statement belongs to realme.

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