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realme 3 Pro antara model canggih bawah nilai RM1000

Pengecas 20W (5V4A) mengambil masa 30 minit untuk meningkatkan kadar bateri dari 0 kepada 50 peratus.

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A flagship device that stuns

The realme 3 Pro features a solid colour, with interesting curved lines on the back.

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Peranti canggih yang mesti dimiliki

Ciri pengecasan pantas VOOC 3.0 supaya memudahkan pengguna dan tidak perlu menunggu lama untuk tempoh pengecasan.

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A smartphone that delivers

The realme 3 Pro comes with a new Nightscape Mode, which is a lowlight mode that increases dynamic range and picture quality when taking photos at night or in low-light.

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A Must-have Flagship Device

It features a newer Sony IMX519 image sensor, and a higher resolution 5 MP depth sensor.

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The Outstanding Midrange Marvel

If you are looking for exceptional value and a top-shelf phone for just over RM1,000, look no further.

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