Better portraits

with clearer 108MP camera.

Effortless performance

with advanced hardware.

Stand out

with luxury watch design.

Made to master very moment

108MP 3X Zoom Portrait Camera
5000mAh Massive Battery
8GB+8GB Dynamic RAM
Up to 512GB Storage
6nm Octa-core
5G Chipset
Trendy Watch
950nit Sunlight Display
Dual Stereo Speakers
Clear Portrait Master
108MP Ultra-clear Camera.
3X In-sensor Zoom.
A clear winner.
The segment’s best 108MP camera, with 3X lossless zoom. The segment’s largest camera sensor, with better night shooting capabilities. The segment’s most advanced imaging software, with expert tuning for a cinematic taste. Add it all up, and you get a portrait camera system that’s simply more fun to shoot with.
Large Sensor
Pixel Binning
Effective resoltion
Fusion Pixel
Ultra-clear memories.
108MP Mode
108MP Mode ups the clarity big-time, bringing added texture and depth to your most important shots.
Shot on
realme 12 5G
Ultra-clear Camera
Portrait samples
Shot on
Competitor Note 13
108MP Mode
Every shot is a perfect shot.
Super Group Mode
With the ability to recognize up to 10 faces simultaneously, you can be sure every face is clear in every portrait shot you take. Capture the joy of each moment with high-resolution details, ensuring every smile is clear in focus. With our advanced multi-face recognition and facial optimization algorithm,the realme 12 5G ensures every moment is a clear moment.
Effortless portrait shots.
3X In-sensor Zoom Portrait
The only 3X Portrait in the segment with true lossless quality, bringing an improved bokeh effect and higher resolution for more stunning portrait shots.
Open up the night.
Night Mode
Night Mode makes shooting at night easier than ever, with added brightness in dark shooting environments while retaining details and sharpness.
A cinematic taste.
Master Co-operated Camera Filters
To bring a truly cinematic camera experience, we’ve partnered Claudio Miranda to bring three unique filters inspired by iconic movies, for improved tone, style, and color. Capture movie-level portraits that let you express your own personal taste.
Claudio Miranda
Oscar Winner for Best Cinematography, realme Invited Photography Master.
Cinematic shots in a snap.
Enjoy higher-quality storytelling using film filters made in collaboration with Claudio Miranda. With unique color grading coupled with cinematic-level bokeh adjustment, every shot feels bigger than life.
Easy stunners.
8MP Selfie Camera
Take super clear selfies,with consistently spot-on details.
Trendy Watch Design.
Inspired by trendy watches.
Drawing inspiration from the stylish aesthetics of trendy watches, we’re pushing the boundaries of smartphone design. By combining the elegance and sophistication of timepieces with advanced technologies, we bring a truly unique product experience that lets users show their taste.
Twilight Purple
Twilight Purple
Woodland Green
Woodland Green
Premium at a glance.
Polished Sunburst Dial
500 gradient sunburst patterns come together to create the classic sunburst effect of luxury watch dials.
3D Jubilee Bracelet
Intricately assembled diamond patterns seamlessly run across the back of the phone, capturing the texture of luxury watch straps.
Polished PVD Edges
A high-gloss metal-textured middle frame is achieved through 12 advanced processes. The bold 2D right-angle design gives a boost of attitude in a streamlined package.
Perfect in-hand feel.
A super thin 7.69mm body combines with a C-angle side design for a phone that sits perfectly in the hand, even with a massive 5000mAh battery inside.
The look of luxury.
The same way a trendy watch catches the eye, the realme 12 5G was designed for the same effect, making an impression from any angle.
Big meets smooth. 17.07cm(6.72'') 120Hz Display
A large screen size and high refresh rate combine for a better viewing experience that feels super immersive, letting you get deeper into the action.
Large screen
Refresh rate
Peak brightness
Screen-to-body ratio
Screen colors
High resolution
Seamless viewing experience.
6-level Dynamic Refresh Rate
Get the perfect refresh rate every time without lifting a finger. Fine-tuned based on your usage scenario, Dynamic Refresh Rate will automatically choose the appropriate refresh rate based on your usage scenario, providing the optimal experience while preserving battery life.
System UI
Information Stream
*Screen remains stationary and no touch for 3s continuously. Some applications are not available due to compatibility.
Big-time Sound
Dual Stereo Speakers
The first symmetrical dual speakers in the segment, bringing a richer and more immersive gaming and audio experience.
Good in a flash.
The segment’s fastest 45W fast charge, with advanced SUPERVOOC charging technology. Charge from 1-50% in just 30 mins.⁴
All-day power.
5000mAh Massive Battery
Enjoy all your favorite entertainment, from gaming to movies to music, with plenty of power left at the end of the day.
86.4 hrs
33.6 hrs
18.0 hrs
17.0 hrs
Power button,made more powerful.
Your power button is now more than just a power button. Beyond fast fingerprint unlock, Dynamic Button also opens up the ability to customize to your preferred function and application. Flashlight, mute, camera, music––all just a tap away.
Powerful 8-core Chipset.
Unleash the power.
The octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ 5G Chipset features an advanced TSMC 6nm process and a CPU with clock speed up to 2.2 GHz, bringing faster computing efficiency and lower power consumption
Advanced Process
CPU Architecture
CPU Clock Speed
5G speed meets 5G efficiency.
5G Low Power Smart Hotspot
Share your 5G speed while reducing power consumption by up to 32% compared to normal mode.
Smart 5G
Intelligently switch between 4G and 5G networks to reduce overall network power consumption.
Super Network Search
Intelligently identify and switch to strong LTE signal areas.
The efficiency of 8GB+8GB RAM.
With up to 8GB RAM built in, and an additional 8GB of dynamic memory available through DRE technology, you get plenty of power for a smooth gaming experience.
The freedom of 512GB storage.
The realme 12 5G comes packed with up to 512GB ROM, bringing next-level peace of mind. Keep all your photos, videos, and games, while keeping everything running smoothly in the background at every moment.
IP54 Dust & Water Resistance
An IP54 rating brings greater peace of mind. Use your phone with the confidence that it was built to handle dust and splashes of water.
360° NFC
Get accurate swipes at any position and angle in the upper part of the phone, with improved swipe accuracy.
Riding Mode
Riding Mode acts as your personal travel assistant, making your trip safer, simpler, and more reliable.
Up to 2TB External Memory
With both a SIM slot and a dedicated microSD slot, you get more options to use your phone the way you want.
Seamless All Around
realme UI 5.0
Intuition Made Seamless
Next-level interaction.
Mini Capsule 2.0
Toggle volume more effortlessly.
App-specific Volume
Transfer content more seamlessly.
File Dock
A more connected experience.
Microsoft Phonelink
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realme Quality
320+ Rigorous Quality Tests
21 Days
High Temperature/High Humidity Testing at 65℃/RH90%
7 Days
Ultra-high Temperature Storage at 75℃
200,000 Times
Power Button Press Test
14,000 Times
Micro Drop Tests
1. The data “7.69mm thin body” is provided by realme Lab. Actual thickness may vary slightly.
2. Data regarding the display screen-to-body ratio, brightness, etc. were provided by the realme Lab. Data can vary based on the test environment, calculation method, etc. Please refer to the actual product.
3. Data regarding the refresh rate was provided by the realme Lab. Data can vary based on the test environment, calculation method, etc. Please refer to the actual product.
4. The data of “Charge from 1-50% in 31 minutes” is from the realme Lab. The actual data may vary due to different test environments, longterm battery usage loss and other factors, and are for reference only.
5. The battery life data is based on data from realme Lab. Results may vary depending on the testing environment.
6. All data regarding the MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ 5G Chipset was obtained from MediaTek’s website. Please refer to the actual product.
7. 8GB+8GB Dynamic RAM is only available on the 8GB RAM version.
8.Product meets an equivalent of IP54 water protection based on testing from realme Lab. Never charge phone when wet. Liquid damage not covered under warranty.
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