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Active Noise Cancellation up to 35dB
94ms Super Low Latency
25hrs Total Playback*

RM 369

Quick Charge

Transparency Mode

10mm Bass Boost Driver

94ms Super Low Latency

25hrs Total Playback *

Instant Connection (Bluetooth 5.0)

Dual Mic Noise Cancellation for Calls

Active Noise Cancellation up to 35dB*

Active Noise Cancellation up to 35dB

A World Without Noise

Hybrid active noise cancellation combines both FeedForward and FeedBack microphones to detect unwanted noise both inside and outside the ear, and emits high-precision anti-noise waves to cancel them out, up to 35dB. It effectively blocks out the noise and offers a more immersive listening experience.

*For better noise isolation, choose the ear tips that fit your ears to enhance passive noise reduction.

Industry-leading noise cancelling TWS earphone *
realme Buds Air Pro
More Noise Reduced

More Noise Reduced

Less Noise Reduced

More Noise Reduced

Traffic Noise

Daily Life Noise

*"Industry-leading" products are ones taking leading positions in the Bluetooth TWS in-ear headphones industry. Higher the number, higher the noise reduction performance.

Transparency Mode

Free to Talk Easily

When you need to talk with the people around you, turn on Transparency Mode for clear and realistic ambient sound through the microphone, so you can talk freely without taking off your earphones.

Powerful realme S1 Chip

A New Wireless Experience

The exclusive customized realme S1 intelligent noise cancellation chip does not only have an efficient and professional noise cancellation capability, but also has the advantage of ultra-low power consumption and stable connectivity, giving you an unprecedented new experience of wireless earphones.

Dual Mic Noise Cancellation for Calls

Sharp and Clear Calls

The dual microphones form a powerful noise reduction system supported by the ENC noise cancelling algorithm, which significantly reduces surrounding noise during a call, allowing the other person to hear more clearly and have a more engaging conversation.

25hrs Total Playback

Large Battery & Fast Charge

The ultra-low-power realme S1 chip and 486mAh large battery capacity provide you with a massive 25hrs total battery life. With ANC ON, you can listen to music for up to a total of 20hrs. It also supports fast charge, just 10mins charge on charging case and earphones for 3hrs playback.


to Charge Earphones 100%

3hrs Playback

With Only 10mins Charge

20hrs Playback

Battery life with ANC ON


Total Playback

94ms Super Low Latency*

Lag-Free while Gaming

With Gaming Mode on, the earphone's latency is as low as 94ms, whether you're watching a movie or playing a game, you can keep perfect audio-to-video sync for a smoother experience.

Bluetooth 5.0

Fast and Stable Connectivity

The new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 provides a stable connection even in the face of multi-device interference. With a transmission distance up to 10 meters, you can keep playing music smoothly even when the phone is not around.

Dual-channel Transmission

Perfect Sync

Two earphones transmit sound at the same time, effectively reducing latency and lag. With no sync errors at critical moments of your game, it's easy for you to pinpoint enemy location and claim victory!

10mm Bass Boost Driver

Dance with Bass

The 10mm Bass Boost Driver along with an advanced Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB) composite bass enhancement algorithm makes the bass deeper and richer. Feel the bass when listening to electronic or rock music!

Dynamic Bass Boost

Supports AAC HD Audio Codec*

*For some phones, need to be turned on manually in the Bluetooth settings.

Trendsetting Design

Classic Cobble Shape

Cobbles in water catch the light and shine gorgeously. The flowing water shapes the smooth curve of the stone, offering it a dazzling shape and texture. Wearing these trendy earphones will surely win you second glances.

Lightweight & Portable

All Day Comfort

A single earphone weighs only 5g, ensuring the most comfortable feeling when wearing. With the soft and skin-friendly silicone ear cap and its ergonomic cavity, you can wear it all day.

Two Colors, Free Choices

Open-up Auto Connection & Google Fast Pair

Just open the case to connect automatically to your phone and if connecting for the first time, there is a Google Fast Pair to help you connect easily.

Smart Wear Detection

Smart wear detection can detect your wearing condition of the earbuds in real time. It can sense when they're in the ear and automatically pause the music when taken out. You won't miss a single moment.

Intelligent Touch Controls & Voice Assistant

One tap to answer the phone, double tap to play or pause music. It supports custom settings as well and you can also set up the use of double tap or triple tap to summon the voice assistant. Using voice commands, you can operate the phone easily and free your hands.

IPX4 Water Resistant Highest Quality

The extreme quality test ensures each pair of earphones can last for a long time. With IPX4 water resistant supported, there's no fear of sweat during sports.

realme Link App Personalized to Your Preferences

Stay in control with your realme Buds Air Pro by customizing touch functions, turning on the active noise cancellation, switching bass boost+, getting system updates and other functions to fit in your own usage habits.

Basic specification

Product name

realme Buds Air Pro

Bluetooth version



Rock Black / Soul White

Effective range

10m(in an obstacle-free environment)

Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation(ANC)+ Environmental Noise Cancellation(ENC)

Water resistance rating

IPX4(only earphones)

Battery life

Charging case & earphones:20hrs playback time at 50% volume and AAC quality with Noise Cancellation on; 25hrs playback time at 50% volume and AAC quality with Noise Cancellation off;   Earphones: 5hrs playback time at 50% volume and AAC quality with Noise Cancellation on; 6hrs playback time at 50% volume and AAC quality with noise Cancellation off.

Charge time

2hrs fully charge for charging case and earphones; 1hr fully charge for earphones;   10mins charge for 3hrs charging case & earphones playback(Noise Cancellation off, played at 50% volume, AAC)*   *When the batteries in the earphones and charging case are drained, place the earphones in the charging case and charge the earphones and charging case together for 10 minutes for 3 hours of playback.  

Sound driver size


Audio codec


What's in the box:

1x realme Buds Air Pro 1x Charging case 6x Ear tip 1x Type-C cable 1x User Guide, Safety Standard Card, Warranty Card 1x Tips card


  • 1. The noise reduction data of "up to 35dB" is the theoretical maximum data. Since the test result is affected by test environment, please refer to the actual item. Noise cancellation works well for noises in low frequency range, e.g. planes and subway sounds, but not as such obvious for higher frequency noises, e.g. human voice nearby.
  • 2. The "super-low latency of 94ms" is the latency data of realme Buds Air Pro with Gaming Mode on.
  • 3.The above data is obtained from realme lab. Since the test result is affected by test environment, please refer to the actual item.
  • 4. The battery life data of realme Buds Air Pro is obtained from realme lab, please refer to the above parameter table for detail. Since the test result is affected by test environment, please refer to the actual item.
  • 5. IPX4 water resistance only protects from splashing water. Please avoid soaking in water directly and using in intensive activities to prevent sweat from infiltrating the device.
  • 6. All reliability test results are obtained from realme lab. Since the test results are affected by test environment, please refer to the actual item.
  • 7. Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual products. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. The data in the page came from realme designed technical parameters, test data from the laboratories and supplier test data. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly, depending on the test software version, specific testing environment, specific version and working conditions.
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