Do You Want to Explore the Screen-off Gestures of your Smart Device?

Update Time: 2019-07-09 04:54:52

1. Feature

Black screen gesture is a unique feature of the smartphone and has a futuristic future. Support for screen swipe operation when the phone is in standby black screen. Users can directly wake up a certain function of the mobile phone or the corresponding software through the gestures set in the mobile phone.

2. Settings path

Settings>Convenience Aid>Gesture & Motion>Screen-off Gestures.

3. Feature


(1) 4 commonly used Screen-off Gestures             

  1. Double Tap to Turn Screen On.

  2. Draw a “O” to Enable Camera.

  3. Draw a “V” to Turn On Flashlight.

Music Control Draw to pause/play a track or draw “<” or “>” to switch the track when the screen is off.

2. More Screen-off Gestures:

 Step 1: Select a Screen-off Gestures :  

Draw Slide Up, Slide Down, Slide Left, Slide Right, Draw “M”, Draw “W”

Step 2: Choose Gesture Function:

  1. Unlock: If the user has set a lock screen password for the phone, after using the gesture, the lock screen interface is displayed.

  2. Call: The user needs to select the corresponding contact in the mobile phone contact when setting the gesture.

  3. Start an App: The user needs to select an application in the mobile phone contact when setting the gesture.


Others Gesture:
Settings Path: Settings> Convenience Aid> Gesture & Motion.

1. Raise to Turn On Screen When the phone is lifted up, it automatically lights up.
2. 3-Finger Screenshot:
Swipe down with three fingers to take a quick screenshot.






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