How to handle the automatic brightness adjustment?

Update Time: 2019-05-14 20:22:15

These steps are applicable to all the realme devices.

When we use our phones everyday, screen brightness is different due to environmental changes,so many times you need to manually adjust the brightness of your screen, but this is really troublesome, so some users will also set the phone screen to automatically adjust the screen brightness.


二 Instructions.

     (1) Settings-->Display & Brightness-->Click brightness-->Slide the brightness adjustment bar(Adjust the brightness according to your preference).


(2) Settings-->Display & Brightness-->Turn on the Auto Brightness.
(3) Sliding status bar-->Adjust left and right in the setting brightness box / Click the Auto Brightness button.



三 Power saving advice.

1. Turn down the screen brightness:not only saves electricity, but also prevents the screen from being too bright and hurting the eyes.
2. Turn off wifi, Bluetooth, GPS: turn off these features when you don't need to use these features.
3. Turn off your phone screen: turn off your phone screen after using your phone.
4. Try not to use third-party launcher/wallpaper: using the third-party launcher/wallpaper will speed up your power consumption.
5. Shorten the automatic screen time of the phone: Settings-->Display & Brightness-->Auto Screen Off.
6. Turn on one tap to save power:Settings-->Battery-->One Tap to Save Power.


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