How to Set a lockscreen passcode with your realme phone?

Update Time: 2019-03-09 01:28:22

Learn how to set a passcode on your phone to help protect your data.

Applicable for all realme smartphone. Check your ColorOS version in [Settings] > [About phone].

* Your passcode, which is mainly used to unlock the phone, is also called [Lock screen passcode].

* When setting up your phone for the first time, you can create and use the passcode.


For ColorOS 5.2: Set up a passcode

Go to [Settings] > [Fingerprint, Face & Passcode] > [Turn on Passcode]

To use other passcode types, click [Other Encryptions] to switch to a custom alphanumeric code or a 4-digit numeric code. You can draw a pattern, use a 4-Digit, 6-Digit, or 4-16 Digit Numeric Code or 4-16 Character Alphanumeric Code.


Add a fingerprint passcode

Before you can add a fingerprint, you need to create a passcode for your realme phone.

Go to [Settings] > [Fingerprint, Face & Passcode] > [Add a Fingerprint] to start adding your fingerprint.

1. When asked, place your finger on the fingerprint button. Continue to lift and rest your finger slowly, making small adjustments to the position of your finger each time.

2. Adjust the holding position, continue to touch the fingerprint button with the outer areas of your fingertip.

3. After you add a fingerprint, you can use the fingerprint to unlock your phone instead of the lock screen passcode, make purchases and use it for [App Encryption] and [File Safe].



Before turning on [App Encryption] and [File Safe], you need to draw or enter the passcode for verification. Then you can select the Apps and files to be encrypted optionally.

After you add a fingerprint, you can edit its name or delete it, or continue adding other fingerprints.

Note: Do not turn off lock screen password after adding fingerprints, otherwise the fingerprints will not work, also the saved fingerprints and settings will be removed. Thus, anyone using your phone will be able to see the important data on the phone.





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