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Can realme Smart TV install third-party apps?

Update Time: 2023-01-13 10:50:30

realme Smart TV supports to install the third-party applications from Google Play Store and a U disk.

How to install the third-party app from Google Play Store?

Go to Apps, choose Google Play Store and search and install the app.

How to install the third-party app from a USB drive?

Please refer to How to use USB flash drive to install apps in realme Smart TV?

                           How to install the APP through the USB drive on the realme Smart TV 4K 43”& 50”?

Conditions or notice:

1. Considering the security of the application, we recommend that you download the application from the Google Play Store.

2. realme Smart TV Neo 32'' doesn't support the above operation (download applications from the app store) because it's based on the Linux system and most apps are incompatible with it. If you want to use some apps in realme Smart TV Neo 32'', it's recommended to purchase realme 4K Smart Google TV Stick to get a better experience.

3. The functions of different TVs are different, please refer to the actual use

4. realme Smart TV (except realme Smart TV NEO 32"  )can support installing the third-party APP. We tested some apps and found that they were compatible, but it can't be guaranteed that all APPs are compatible, they may have compatibility issues. 

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