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GPS Problem: How to resolve the GPS connectivity Issue in realme device?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:52:23

This is applicable to the realme devices.

*Remark: The given troubleshooting steps might be different as per the particular model so navigate as per your particular device.

Here you can find ways to resolve the GPS issue in your realme device:  

1. Turn-on the High Accuracy Mode. To have high accuracy in the results, kindly turn on the “High Accuracy Mode.” To navigate this feature choose Settings> Additional Settings > Device & Privacy > Location Information> High Accuracy. Beware for the battery drainage as this will consume high battery power. The reason to consume more battery power is that your device will use all the location sources including Bluetooth, cellular network, Wi-Fi and yes GPS.  

2. Once you make the desired changes then check your Phone’s “Power Consumption Details” to know the usage of battery in percentage pedantically for each application. To navigate this feature choose Settings> Battery> Battery Consumption Details. This will show you the complete consumption details.  

3. If you want to enable the “Apps Using GPS in Background” to detect the exact location then turn on the option for that particular one. To navigate this option choose Settings> Additional Settings > Device & Privacy > Location Information> Apps Using GPS in Background. Now turn on according to your requirement. 

4. System version: The user is always advised to check the system version as it should be the updated one for the better performance. To check the system version choose “Settings> About phone> Android version.” If you want to know whether the system is updated or not then go to the “Software Updates” and check for the new update notification.  

5. In case the GPS is not responding properly after overall settings then, you can try to turn Off & On the device and then check it.  
These are like very easy and breezy steps to resolve the issues on their own. In case, if you find it not resolving then you can visit the nearest realme service center for an apt resolution.

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