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How to handle the System Hanging Problem in your Smartphones?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:53:40

Learn about troubleshooting steps about hanging.

Hanging while watching HD videos/playing games

  1.  We have optimized these scenarios, but too much images/actions need to be loaded at the same time, it occupied CPU too heavily.

  2. Can turn on the high-performance mode in game space.

Phone unlock/wake up hanging

1. Face unlock need you in good light condition and don't put the phone too far away from the face.

2. Finger unlock need to put the finger at the right place on the fingerprint sensor and don't use wet finger or finger with oil/dirt/peeling.

3. Check the screen film if it is too thick to affect touch function.

4. Can set auto wake up the screen in setting>Smart & convenient>Gesture & Motion>raise to turn on the screen.

Hanging while slide

1. Check the screen film if it is too thick effect touch function.

2. Please don't use a wet finger or finger with oil/dirt.

3. If the problem still persists, please send the phone for repair in the local service center.

Hanging in normal use

1. Update the system and App to the latest version.

2. Check the phone memory, if it is too full to cause hanging, delete some files/images that are not in use and uninstall the app that is too large or useless.

3. Use the phone in a strong internet signal environment.

4. Don't download many files /open many Apps at the same time.

5. Clear background Apps, clear caches regularly and limit the APP self-starting in phone manager.

6. Can set back to factory mode in setting, but this way will delete your own data /images/Apps, please backup them first.

7. If the fault still persists, please send the phone for repair to the local service center.

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