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How to do with Fingerprints not Working?

Update Time: 2022-10-24 17:41:33

This is applicable to all realme devices. 


1. Introduction

Fingerprint recognition is to identify the personal ID by identifying the fingerprint path. Its biggest advantage is safety and convenience, fast recognition, and ease of operation with reliability because all the fingers don't have the same texture. So there is basically no misidentification probability. At present, fingerprint recognition is the most widely used method of security authentication.

2. Fingerprints do not work

1. Fingerprint recognition error: Fingerprint failed to match, please retry

2. The fingerprint was incorrectly identified too many times: Fingerprint attempts have exceeded the limit, please retry in 30 seconds.

3. Common causes of fingerprints not working.

  • The rear fingerprint

    1. Check the fingerprint identification area and finger for stains or watermarks.
    2. Make sure your finger completely covers the fingerprint button.
    3. Make sure that the unlocking action is the same as when you enrolled it.
    4. Check the fingerprint area for foreign matter. (hair, dust, glue, water, etc.)
    5. Check the fingerprint identification area for scratches.

  • Screen of the fingerprint:

    1. Check the surface of your finger or screen for dirt.
    2. Check to see if wet fingers are used.
    3. Make sure you press your finger where the fingerprint icon is.
    4. Press the button or lift the finger quickly when unlocking.
    5. Make sure the screen displays a fingerprint icon before unlocking it.


① "Display the Fingerprint Icon When Screen is Off" switch on:
When turned on, the fingerprint icon will be displayed when the screen is off. the icon will automatically be hidden when the screen is off.
 "Display the Fingerprint Icon When Screen is Off" switch off: 
It will not show the fingerprint icon on the screen, press the power button to recall the fingerprint icon.
Path: Settings-->Fingerprint, Face & Passcode-->Fingerprint-->Display the Fingerprint Icon When Screen Is Off.


1. Fingerprint requirements: keep your fingers clean, if the finger has sputum, peeling, oil, sweat, etc., it will be affected.
2. Wipe the relevant area, and make sure the fingerprint area is clean.
3. Unlocking posture: make sure your finger point at the fingerprint recognition area, and unlock the action as much as possible when enrolling.
4. Re-register multiple fingerprint attempts.
5. Restart the phone, keep your phone system in a working state, then try again.

If the above methods do not solve your problem, please back up your data and visit the nearest realme Service Center.

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