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realme Smart TV is showing no colour while playing Live TV

Update Time: 2023-04-23 17:28:41

Poor quality videos, such as an old movie, Black and white video

It is commanded you to try to play other videos.


Poor contact

Poor contact can affect signal transport and reduce signal strength.

It is suggested you disconnect the cable from the TV and external source and re-plug the cable to TV and external source firmly.


Broken connection cable

It is suggested to replace a new connection cable.

Check if the issue is caused by the TV

1. Please refer to the path to check if the abnormal picture settings under the Input source cause this issue.

Path for realme Smart TV Neo 32": Setting> Picture > Picture reset

Path for other TVs: Press menu button > Picture > Reset to default

More details: 

How to reset Picture settings on the TV?    

How does the realme Smart TV Neo 32" reset the picture settings ? 

2. Please try to research the channel again. Details: How to scan channel of live TV on my realme TV?

3. Please connect other TVs to the external source,

If another TV displays no color too, there may be some issue with the external device, it is suggested to contact the supplier of the external source for further help.

if another TV can work properly, there may be some issues with the TV.

Please follow the steps below:

a. Turn off the TV and unplug it from the power source. Wait for a minute and plug it back in. 

b. Refer to How to reset realme Smart TV? to restore the TV to factory settings.

c. Please refer to How to update realme TV system (OTA)? and YouTube  How to upgrade realme Smart TV software with USB drive or realme Smart TV Neo 32” software update SOP to upgrade the TV software.



If the issue still persists, please apply for after-sales service for TV by calling Toll-free no. 1800 102 2777.

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