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What if GPS does not display accurate position while network is good?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:54:53

1. Background

realme device GPS system , GPS: Global Positioning System.

Whether we are traveling, shopping, or staying at home, when we want to share our location with friends, we occasionally encounter locations where we can't located. In this regard, the following operations will help us solve this problem.

2. Reason

In the case of good network conditions, the reasons for inaccurate GPS positioning may be as follows: mobile phone settings, software issue, human causes even weather conditions.

1) Settings

  1.  Enable location services or not?

  2.  Turn on the high accuracy or not?

  3.  Is this application allowed using in the background?

  4.  Does the app allowed to get location information?

2) The reason of the software itself.

3) Environmental conditions.

  1.  Is it rain or cloud state at that time while using?

  2. Whether your location were between buildings

  3. Whether it is a relatively closed or unobstructed place (indoors, elevators, underground parking lots, high-rise buildings, etc.) 

4) Human cause

  1. Whether the phone is wearing a metal phone case

  2. Hardware damaged.


3. Solution

For the above reasons, we can do the following:

1) Mobile phone settings.

High opening accuracy

Settings--Other Settings-.-Devices and Privacy--Location Information--Location Services.

In addition, we can also pull down the status bar - long press "Location Services" to open the location service.

2) If it is an application problem, we can;

-Replacement of other similar software.

-Download the software on other mobile phones to see if there is the same problem.

-Users can also feedback questions to applications.

3) If it is the environment related.

If you can't locate in a closed environment such as indoors, users can try to locate again in a open area. 

4) The solution to human causes.

Users are advised to use non-metallic phone case.

If there is hardware damage on the outside of the phone and the problem occurs after the device is damaged, please go to the nearest after-sales center for inspection and repair.

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