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What If your device get automatic power off or reboot?

Update Time: 2022-07-18 16:57:56

If your phone reboots or shuts itself, please check the following steps:


1. Remove the protective case.

If you have a protective case, please remove it, otherwise, the power button may get stuck.

2. Check the ambient temperature.

When used in a very hot (Battery temperature is higher than 85 degrees) environment, the phone may automatically restart or shut down.

3. Check the SIM card and SD card.

Pull out the SIM card and check if it is not damaged or degaussed, then reinsert the card to check if the issue is solved. (This item does not support hot-swap models.)
Remove the SD card to eliminate the SD card virus problem.

4. Check the battery.

Use the original charger, charge for 30 minutes, then restart and see if you solved the problem.
    4.1 The battery loses capacity over time, causing the phone to turn itself off.
    4.2 If the phone battery is exhausted or aging, please contact the service center.

5. Check the system version.

The device will restart automatically after the system version update is completed.
Path: [Settings] --> [Software Update] --> [Top Right Settings] --> [Automatic Update at Night].

6. Check your Settings. 

[Settings]--> [Additional Settings] --> [Automatic On/Off], check if the timer is set.

7. If your phone does not turn on. 

Press and hold the power and volume down buttons simultaneously until the phone enters recovery mode. Then clear the data and cache.

8. Virus scan

[Phone Manager] --> [Virus Scan], scan for viruses, malicious plugins or programs, and uninstall unsafe or unstable third party apps.

9. Get more help.

If you have issues using the app, uninstall the app to see if the issue is resolved. Make sure the issue is not caused by an incorrect operation, such as a false touch and pressing the power button. If you can't solve the above problems, please contact the service center for help.

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