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Why it is slow charging when the mobile phone battery is almost fully charged?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:54:26

During the charging process of the mobile phone, the output current and voltage of the charger are not fixed, but it is dynamically adjusted according to the state of the mobile phone. The voltage and current required to charge the mobile phone in different scenarios are different.


There are three main stages for a mobile phone battery to be fully charged:

1. Trickle charging: When the power of the mobile phone is too low to turn on, the battery voltage is also low. To protect the battery, the battery can only be charged with a small current.
2. Constant current charging: When the mobile phone can be turned on, and the battery is low, the charging current is large and stable, the voltage continues to rise, and the charging speed is faster.
3. Constant voltage charging: The mobile phone has high power, the charging voltage reaches the maximum value and remains constant, the charging current gradually decreases to protect the battery, and the charging speed gradually slows down.

To better protect the battery, in some scenarios, the charging current will be limited, and the system will automatically determine the most suitable charging strategy. Generally, the charging speed is faster when the battery is low. When the battery is fully charged, to ensure the safety of the battery and extend the battery life, the charging current will gradually decrease, and the charging speed will slow down until it is fully charged. Therefore, if the total time for your phone to be fully charged does not change much, this is a normal phenomenon.

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