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realme x50 pro SVG format

realme x5-pro

Speed of the Future

Snapdragon 865 5G

Up to 2.84GHz

65W SuperDart Charge

100% Charge in 35 Minutes*

90Hz Super AMOLED Fullscreen

92% Screen-to-body Ratio*

64MP Quad Camera

32MP In-Display Dual Selfie


New Gen RAM & ROM

Vapor Cooling System

Stay Cool Under Pressure

Dual Stereo Speakers

Dolby Atmos & Hi-Res

realme UI

Seamless Fun

5G Speed Era
Get ready for the Future Rush Hour

Ready for 5G

Network coverage around the world

3.45 Gbps

Theoretical value


Faster than 4G

Leading the 5G era with coverage of the world's mainstream 5G bands. The theoretical download speed peaks at up to 3.45 Gbps, which is 10x higher than 4G. It takes less than 10s to download an HD movie, and live-streaming at 4K ultra-clear resolutions is achieved without any buffering.*

360°Surround Antenna

Fully Support Wi-Fi 6

Dual Channel Network Acceleration

Overlay Wi-Fi 6 and 5G

Dual Wi-Fi Network Acceleration

2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi Simultaneous Connection

X50 Pro 5G features a 360° surround antenna design, which is 200% more than 4G phones. It supports Dual SIM Dual Standby, Smart 5G, and can also intelligently switch from 4G to 5G, thus reducing power consumption by 30%.*

Speed is Awesome
A New Era of Mobile Gaming

Speed is Awesome

A New Era of Mobile Gaming

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865

All-round Futuristic Technology







The 7nm Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with A77 performance cores, can reach clock speeds of up to 2.84GHz. It supports Desktop Forward Rendering for extreme realism and the first-ever updatable GPU driver on a mobile. Behold a new generation of flagship mobile platform, with higher performance and more fun in the mobile gaming age.*

LPDDR5 & UFS 3.0

New Generation of 5G Flagship

With up to 12GB+256GB supported, the new LPDDR5 standard and UFS 3.0+Turbo Write+HPB greatly improves overall performance and reduces power consumption. Now web browsing and gaming can be smooth like never before.





Faster Speed





UFS 3.0 VS UFS 2.1

UFS 3.0

UFS 2.1


Faster Speed

UFS 3.0

UFS 2.1


Power Efficiency*

Vapor Cooling System

Five-dimensional Vapor Cooling Pro

The new upgraded five-dimensional Vapor Cooling System enables higher heat dissipation performance. Vapor Chamber dissipates heat from an area of up to 1821 mm² , compared with the previous generation of heat pipes increased by 339%, ensuring high performance all the time, even while heavy gaming.*

Thermal Silica

Copper Foil

3 Layers of Graphite

Vapor Chamber

3 Layers of Graphite

65W SuperDart Charge

100% Charge in 35 Minutes

Charged for
3 mins
100-min Movie
Five-core Chip
Full protection

X50 Pro 5G uses dual cell design for both safety and speed. These blistering charging speeds are protected by an intelligent five-core chip system that provides real-time monitoring. X50 Pro 5G also supports 18W QC/PD charging and 30W Flash Charge, making it even more versatile.*

Charging Comparison*

The Speed Revolution
90 Frames Per Second
90Hz Ultra Smooth Display
180Hz Ultra-high Sampling Rate

Compared with the 60Hz display, 90Hz display has 50% higher refresh rate to provide a smoother visual experience. 180Hz ultra-high sampling rate improves the gaming speed and touch response.

16.4cm (6.44") Super AMOLED Fullscreen

Incredible Visual Feast


Luminescent Materials


Highest Brightness*


Color Space


Screen-to-body Ratio

HDR 10+

Official Certification


In-display Fingerprint*

X50 Pro 5G comes with the 20:9 screen ratio and 2400x1080P FHD+ resolution. Moreover, it is equipped with the 16.4cm (6.44") Super AMOLED and E3 luminescent materials to become the universal genius in every aspect.

Ultra Six Cameras

Extreme Steady

105° ultra wide-angle*

Ultra Wide-angle Lens

Sony IMX616 Sensor

Wide-angle Lens

Ultra Wide-angle Selfie

105° Ultra wide-angle lens captures 2.5x larger view than ordinary lens. This is the first smartphone to feature Edge Deformity Correction, and it can recognize faces and automatically optimize the face contours when you capture on the edge of photo.*
Telephoto Lens
Up To 20X ZOOM
Main Camera
1/1.72 inch Sensor Size
8MP Ultra Wide-angle
& Macro Lens
119°, 3cm Shooting Distance*
B&W Portait Lens
F2.4 Aperture

Telephoto Lens

Up To 20X ZOOM

Main Camera

1/1.72 inch Sensor Size

8MP Ultra Wide-angle
& Macro Lens

119°, 4cm Shooting Distance*

Portait Lens

F1.8 Large Aperture

64MP Quad Camera | 20x Hybrid Zoom

The SAT smooth-zoom technology developed by realme can simulate the zoom feeling of cameras. Multiple lenses are switched and the picture is stabilized, keeping the same exposure and color temperature, to achieve this "seamless zoom".
realme X50 Pro | Normal Mode
realme X50 Pro | Ultra 64MP Mode
realme X50 Pro | Ultra-wide Mode
realme X50 Pro | Super Nightscape 3.0

Ultra NightScape

For the first time, realme has added the Ultra NightScape to help you capture the real night scenes. Even in the 1 Lux low light environment, it can take clear, bright, and high-quality night pictures.

Super Nightscape 3.0

Super Nightscape can capture various night scenes. A picture of night view blockbuster can be taken with the mode of night view with enough light. While in terms of weak light, turn on the tripod mode to get the excellent quality night view picture after the long exposure.

UIS Max Video Stabilization

The new UIS Max adopts wide-angle picture clipping technology to achieve more field of vision and more amazing anti-shake effect. Even if you run and jump, the picture won’t be blurred.

Front Camera


Rear Camera

Leading the Trends in All Perspectives

Presenting the most popular low saturation colors in 2020, low-key but with their own unique points. The Rust Red and Moss Green are inspired the unknown, mysterious and illuminating material in the outer space, profoundly beautiful once you carefully explore.

Multiple Coating Technology

Especially customized by the SKC company of South Korea, the color film endured six processes of coating and curing with 21 days of careful polishing, to present a subtle and high-end color texture in front of you.

AG Glass Technology

The industry-leading AG technology reduces the emission of light from 8% to less than 1% of ordinary glass, bringing a low-keyed matte texture. Meanwhile, the matte surface provides delicate and warm hand feel, soft and comfortable.*

Here is realme UI

Seamless Fun

The brand new realme UI is based on real design concept, inspired by simple objects in life, elegant and convenient for users. The app-launch time is reduced by 14%, RAM reduced by 20%, and battery life is increased by 40%* to give you a seamless and smooth experience. *

Multi-functional NFC

Your Wallet on Your Phone!

Simplify your lifestyle and say goodbye to bulky wallets with X50 Pro 5G’s ability to load, making the payment safe when you go on Google Pay.

Dual Stereo Speakers

With Dolby Atmos Certified Hi-Res Sound Quality

It adopts 1216 Super Linear Speaker, carrying excellent sound quality. Additionally, it comes certified by Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res, which further enhances your listening pleasure, whether you are watching movies or playing music.

realme Buds Wireless

Real Bass. Unwired

Learn More

realme Buds Air

True wireless,Real Seamless

Learn More

1. The data of "100% charge in 35 minutes" , “Charge for 3 mins,watch a movie for 100mins”comes from realme lab. Since the test result is affected by test environment, please refer to the actual item.

2. The screen ratio data comes from the test results of realme lab.

3. 3.45 Gbps is the theoretical download speed. Since the test result is affected by test environment, please refer to the actual item.

4. The 5G theoretical download speed is 10x higher than the theoretical download speed of 4G.

5. The data of “10s to download an HD movie or 100 apps” comes from realme lab under 5G network.

6. The less 30% power consumption of Smart 5G comes from realme lab, based on the power consumption comparison between 5G and 4G in theoretical environment.

7. Data of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is obtained from Qualcomm official website and realme lab. The comparison object is Snapdragon 855.

8. Data of LPDDR5 memory comes from realme lab. The comparison object is LPDDR4X memory.

9. Data of UFS 3.0 flash storage comes from realme lab. The comparison object is UFS 2.1 flash storage.

10. 1821 mm2 is the heat dissipation area of vapor chamber. The cooling area increased by 339% compared with the previous generation of 3mm diameter copper pipe.

11. The Charging Comparison data are based on the comparsion with 44w and 30w fast charge, data from realme lab. Since the test result is affected by test environment, please refer to the actual item.

12. The data of maximum brightness of the screen comes from realme lab.

13. The unlocking speed of fingerprint scanner is obtained from realme lab. Since the test result is affected by test environment, please refer to the actual item.

14. 105° and 119° are the maximum value for front and rear wide-angle shots. However, after image distortion corrections, the resulting value will be slightly smaller. For more information, please refer to the product’s documentation; The 2.5x larger view data of 105° ultra wide-angle lens comes from the comparison with ordinary wide-angle selfie lens.

15. The AG technology reduces the emission of light from 8% to less than 1% of ordinary glass, data from the realme lab.

16. The data of “shortened startup time, reduced ratio of RAM, and battery life improvement of realme UI application” are all from the realme lab. The actual data is affected by the test environment.

Download 100 apps

In only 10 seconds*



Stream 4K Ultra HD Movies

Just like watching a downloaded video



Ultra Wide-angle Video

Front Camera


Rear Camera

Ultra wide-angle lens provides you with a wider view when cliking photos and recording videos simultaneously.

Real-time Bokeh Effect Video

Front Camera


Rear Camera

The outstanding bokeh effect lets you stand out in your pictures while blurring the background. Just like a blockbuster movie poster!

Super AMOLED New E3 Luminescent Materials

105% NTSC and 100% DCI-P3 Color Space supports sunshine screen that enables higest brightness of 1000nit. Advanced COF packaging technology makes the screen-to-body ratio the highest 92%, and the chin is down to 3.54mm, by far the thinnest of any realme smartphone, to bring a stunning visual experience.

Latest In-display Fingerprint

0.27s Instant Unlock

The latest optical fingerprint scanner module from Goodix brings a multi-monitor identification system and adds a filter that can identify colour for a more secure unlocking experience.

Official Certification

Supports HDR 10+ video, making the colors more accurate to see the details of the world.

DC Dimming Eye Protection Mode

Supports DC dimming function, effectively reducing strobe in dark environment. Turning on the eye protection mode can efficiently reduce the blue light radiation, thus protect your eyes.

Tactile Engine Linear Motor

4D Gaming Vibration

Multiple vibration modes in typing, photography and gaming, to give you an all-round immersive experience in each function.

Game Space & Game Assistant

Goodbye Distractions

Pack all your games into Game space and immerse in your games like never before. The game assistant can set the Do-Not-Disturb mode and enable semi transparent pop-ups to avoid interruptions.

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