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realme X2 Pro

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India's Fastest Charging Flagship


The Fastest Snapdragon Ever
India’s Fastest Charging Flagship
Ultimate Viewing Experience
HDR10+ Certified
20x Hybrid Zoom
0.23s Ultra Fast Unlock
Stay Cool While Gaming
Fastest UFS3.0 Storage
With Dolby Atmos
Dual Gorilla Glass 5
tilted realme X2 Pro in lunar white
vertical realme X2 Pro in neptune blue

India's Fastest Charging Flagship

50W SuperVOOC Flash ChargeIndia’s Fastest Charging100% Charge in 35 Minutes

Next-level Super VOOC 50W Flash Charge technology gets you from 0 to 100% battery in just 35 minutes. These blistering charging speeds are protected by an intelligent five-core chip system that provides real-time monitoring. Even while heavy gaming, the Super VOOC Flash Charge can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes - a massive 4 times faster than the 9V/2A 18W quick charging. realme X2 Pro also supports PD and QC charging, which makes it even more versatile.

Vapor Cooling Highly Improved Cooling PerformanceMultiple Heat Transfer Systems

Unleash your gaming experience with a premium Vapor Cooling system that dissipates heat from an area of up to 1373mm2, preventing your phone from overheating. In addition, superconducting carbon fibers, a multi-layer graphite sheet and other heat transfer materials provide highly improved cooling performance, guaranteeing peak processor performance at all times.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 PlusBuilt for Ultimate Performance15% faster GPU*

The realme X2 Pro is powered by the latest Qualcomm flagship processor, the 7nm octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, which can reach clock speeds of up to 2.96GHz. Featuring an all-new Adreno 640 GPU, this ultra-powerful processor delivers cutting edge graphics performance which is 15% faster than Snapdragon 855.

Latest UFS 3.0 Flash Storage 80% Faster Speed*Up to 12GB + 256GB

The realme X2 Pro is equipped with an ultra-fast UFS 3.0 flash storage that is up to 80% faster than the previous generation. Whether it’s a Blu-ray movie or a next-gen game, this means significantly shorter loading times and a noticeably smoother experience. Especially with the snappiness and fluidity of up to 12GB LPDDR4X RAM, multi-tasking is lightning fast.

More amazing features

Anti-lock Gaming AntennaAlways Stay Connected

The 4x4 MIMO* Anti-lock Gaming Antenna provides superior signal stability during gaming. In addition, dual channel Wi-Fi technology intelligently boosts speeds, making Wi-Fi network connection both faster and more stable, ensuring the best gaming experience.

Hyper Boost 2.0Game Like a Pro

Frame Boost 2.0 frame rate acceleration increases in-game stability by 41.1%, while Touch Boost 2.0 increases system-wide touch responsiveness by 22.2%, delivering an E-sports quality experience.

Game Space & Game AssistantSpecialized Gaming Management

Game Space is an application that brings console-like convenience to gaming management. Game Assistant is there for you while you game, allowing you to block all pop-up notifications or set them to partial transparency. It also provides quick access to screenshots and screen recording, so you can document your most epic moments and share them with friends.

64MP Quad Camera20x Hybrid Zoom

Some people are fishing on the vast lake

64MP SensorStunningly Sharp ResolutionUltra-detailed Pictures

The ground-breaking 64MP camera, equipped with Tetracell and 3D HDR technologies, performs exceptionally well under any condition. Its vast imaging power is capable of producing 9280x6944 ultra-high resolution pictures that stay sharp, even when zoomed-in.

the original size majestic mountain
double sizes majestic mountain
5 times larger mountain
20 times larger mountain

Up to 20x Hybrid ZoomNext Leap in Smartphone Photography

The realme X2 Pro uses AI algorithms and optical lenses to achieve up to 20x Hybrid Zoom. This all-new feature lets you discover a completely new world of smartphone photography that enables you to capture a far-away subject up-close.

realme Chief Photography Officer
National Geographic Photographer

“The world is full of filters,
I want to shoot what’s real.”

tall buildings sitting aside the sea shot on realme X2 Pro
a car across the street with red buildings on both sides
tall buildings sitting aside the sea at night shot on realme X2 Pro
realme chief photography officer Aaron Huey
tall buildings sitting aside the sea shot on realme X2 Pro
a car across the street with red buildings on both sides
tall buildings sitting aside the sea at night shot on realme X2 Pro
realme chief photography officer Aaron Huey

Exclusive Camera TuningBy National Geographic Photographer

World renowned photographer, Aaron Huey, has once again teamed up with realme, this time working extensively on mastering the complexity of urban environments. His years of experience shines through in the outstanding color performance the X2 Pro brings to urban shooting scenarios.

urban night scenarios at night shot on realme X2 Pro



Self-portrait at night without realme X2 Pro's super nightscape mode
Self-portrait at night with realme X2 Pro's super nightscape mode

Super Nightscape 2.0Introducing Selfie Nightscapes

The realme X2 Pro comes with its largest camera sensor to date - an extraordinary 1/1.72 inches! Using this ultra-large sensor and AI algorithms, the Super Nightscape 2.0 gives mind-blowing pictures at night. It enhances shadow details, diminishes image noise and increases the dynamic range, resulting in an overall brighter picture with exceptional details. Moreover, the Super Nightscape 2.0 feature is also available on the front camera, which means selfies taken in even the darkest environments will still appear clear and bright.

outline of realme X2 Pro

Ultra Video StabilizationSteady Like Never Before

The new Ultra Video Stabilization super anti-shake algorithm combined with the built-in ultra high-sensitivity gyroscope corrects any hand movements or shaking in real time. Whether you’re in the middle of running or jumping, the rear camera’s video performance will remain entirely smooth.

a mountain and a skyscraper both exist in a photo with realme X2 Pro's super wide-angle lens

Super Wide-Angle LensAnti-Distortion Algorithm

Whether you want to capture a mountain or a skyscraper, capture more with up to 360% field-of-view than a normal lens. The DLDC Dual Anti-Distortion System* will also prevent any wide-angle distortions.

a close-range pictures token with realme X2 Pro's 2.5cm super macro mode

2.5cm Super Macro Mode

This new mode delivers amazing ultra close-range pictures.

a couple in realme X2 Pro's portrait lens

Portrait Lens

The hardware-level B&W color filtering system captures lights and shadows that enhances your portraits by displaying a more vibrant range of textures.   Learn about other video options

a boy swimming in the swimming pool token by realme X2 Pro

Super Wide-Angle Videos

Record unprecedented super wide-angle videos with up to 360% field-of-view.

a boy in different actions

Real-Time Video Bokeh Effect

With a large aperture, depth of field effects can instantly be applied to each frame, allowing you to capture beautiful bokeh mode videos.

the cover of a 960fps slow motion video token by realme X2 Pro

960fps Slow Motion Videos

Have fun slowing down videos by up to 32 times to re-live every millisecond of all the wonderful moments you’ve captured.

Flagship Viewing Experience

90Hz Ultra Smooth Display50% Increase in Refresh Rate*

With a brilliant 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display, the viewing experience on the realme X2 Pro will be smooth as ever. A high refresh rate means a smoother screen, which means every scroll, every swipe will be seamless and smooth. Customize the frame rate for a variety of large games to enjoy the best and fastest experience that will have you glued to your phone.

16.5cm (6.5”) FHD+Super AMOLED DisplayDCI-P3 Color Space

Now it includes the DCI-P3 Color Space which supports an increased variety of richer and more dynamic colors. The built-in vivid or soft color mode options allow you customize your system based on your personal visual preferences.

New lighter material
Reduced power consumption
Ultra highest contrast
Highest brightness

Official HDR10+ Certification

The realme X2 Pro comes with a certified HDR10+ screen that supports video player. This feature offers more precise colors, higher contrast between bright and dark layers, and more vivid details.

Full Care Display Certification by TÜV Rheinland

The realme X2 Pro has earned TÜV Rheinland's Global Eye Care Full Care Display Certification for low-brightness stroboscopic and low blue light protection to keep your eyes healthy at all times. *Official specifications according to TÜV Rheinland's latest certification  37.5% blue light reduction

New Generation In-Display Fingerprint ScannerUnlocks in 0.23 Seconds

Goodix's new generation G3.0 fingerprint scanners have upgraded their standard green light projections to now include the full white color spectrum. This provides a more comprehensive monitoring and recognition system that adds an additional layer of security. With an improved anti-glare screen and a more powerful core, realme has achieved its fastest fingerprint unlocking system yet.

Dual Stereo SpeakersWith Dolby Atmos Certified Hi-Res Sound Quality

Enjoy the thrill of a good game or movie with realme’s first dual surround sound speakers paired with Dolby Atmos technology .

Curved 3D GlassExquisite Design Dazzling Texture

Dual Corning Gorilla Glass 5

realme X2 Pro comes in two striking color options: Neptune Blue and Lunar White, inspired by the powerful and mysterious currents of the sea. After a lot of R&D, we have produced an exquisite transparent glass with such a brilliant texture that the light emanating from the screen resembles moonlight scattered across the surface of the sea. The curved 3D glass design also provides you a smooth and comfortable gripping experience.

realme X2 Pro in lunar white
side of neptune blue realme X2 Pro
the back of neptune blue realme X2 Pro
multi-functional NFC in realme X2 Pro

Multi-functional NFC Your Wallet on Your Phone!

Simplify your lifestyle and say goodbye to bulky wallets with realme X2 Pro’s ability to load, making the payment safe when you go on Google Pay.

Neptune Blue realme X2 Pro
Neptune Blue Lunar White
a boy holds a neptune blue realme X2 Pro in wet
a girl holds a lunar white realme X2 Pro
a boy holds a neptune blue realme X2 Pro
a girl holds a lunar white realme X2 Pro in wet

Dark ModeThe Stunning Look for Your System

Get the new ultra-popular dark mode! This mode enhances your entire interface with a sleek dark look that offers a more immersive experience when used with multiple third-party applications.

dark mode used in realme X2 Pro

ColorOS 6.1 Customized for realmeAn Increased Sense of Space to Captivate the Eyes

A new design that takes advantage of your entire screen. This is a unique concept that brings a cleaner visual experience enhancing ease of use like never before. With a new intelligent system, the powerful AI, increases performance and reduces power consumption.

• The data above are from realme Lab and official website of the co-producer. All test data may vary with the change of test environment.

• *realme X2 Pro uses 2*2000mAh(typ) dual-cell battery equivalent to 4000mAh.

• Data of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus obtained from Qualcomm offical website. The comparison object is Snapdragon 855.

• Data of UFS 3.0 flash storage from realme Labs. The comparison object is UFS 2.1 flash storage

• Data of Heat Dissipation from realme Lab.

• Data of SuperVOOC Flash Charge from realme Lab.

• 4x4 MIMO antenna technology only supported by band 1/3/38/41

• Data of cam 4x4 MIMO antenna technology only supported by band 1/3/38/41era’s sensor from Samsung Semiconductor and realme labs. Information about 3.6-meter poster printing obtained from testing and verification carried out by realme labs.

• The photography partnership is between realme and Aaron Huey, and realme is in no way associated with or in partnership with National Geographic.

• 115 degrees is the maximum value for wide-angle shots. However, after image distortion corrections, the resulting value will be slightly smaller. For more information, please refer to the product’s documentation.

• The data of maximum brightness of the screen is from realme Lab.

• The data of unlock speed of In-Display Fingerprint Scanner from realme Lab.

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