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Next-Gen Power, Next-Gen Clarity
33W SUPERVOOC Charge | 64MP AI Camera
Best-in-class power.
Best-in-class photography.
Best-in-class fun.
Experience the
next level.
5000mAh Massive Battery¹
64MP AI Camera
Up to 12GB
Dynamic RAM²
MediaTek Helio
G88 Chipset
90Hz FHD+ Display
7.89mm Ultra Slim³
Prism Design
50% charge in 29 mins*
The segment's most advanced fast charging
technology, and the segment's fastest charge,
getting you from 0-50% in just 29mins.
Epic when you need power fast.
5000mAh Massive Battery¹
Power for the Whole Day
With a massive 5000mAh battery,
you'll have plenty of power to watch
videos and play games all day long.
Helio G88 Chipset
Power that
Moves with You
AnTuTu Benchmark⁴
ARM Cortex-A75
Up to 2.0GHz
Up to 6GB+128GB
Ready to take on anything, the Helio G88 chipset brings powerful performance with a 12nm octa-core CPU, bringing smooth to every moment.
Up to 12GB
Dynamic RAM²
Boosted power.
Boosted smooth.
With up to 6GB RAM built-in and an additional 6GB of dynamic memory available through DRE technology, you can blast through your games smoother than ever.
90Hz FHD+ Display
Immersive Game Experience.
A larger display with a faster refresh rate, for truly
refreshing gameplay that just feels right.
Screen-to-body Ratio⁵
Peak Brightness⁵
Screen Colors⁵
Next-Gen Clarity
A 64MP camera combines with a supersized camera sensor, bringing the segment’s best camera hardware. Add on the segment’s most advanced imaging software, and you get a winning camera experience made for clarity.
64MP Mode.
More pixels.
Clearer details.
64MP Mode ups the clarity big time, capturing more detail for sharper-looking images.
7.89mm Ultra
Slim Design³
Even with a massive 5000mAh battery, the phone remains ultra slim at just 7.89mm. Combined with the C-angle side design, the narzo N55 fits perfectly in the hand, staying comfortable even for those long gaming sessions.³
Ultra Slim Prism Design
Two special textures combine to create a dual-effect phone design, with a dazzling upper and a glitter sand texture underneath, splicing together for an awesome dynamic effect.
Prime Blue
Prime Black
Based on Android 13
real Design
Intuitive Icons · Card-styled Layout
real Safe
Auto Pixelate · Private Safe
Capsule *
*This feature will be available post OTA update only.
Get important information more seamlessly than ever, such as your phone's battery status, data usage, and the daily steps.
When the volume just isn't loud enough, you can blast the volume to double through software. Whether at a party or outdoors, you can stay fully immersed in the music.
360° NFC
By redesigning the coil and cellular antenna layout, the NFC swipe area is increased by 2 times, bringing a major boost to swipe accuracy.⁶
Fast Side Fingerprint
Perfectly fast, perfectly safe. One quick touch and you’re in.
3-Card Slot
Two SIM slots and a dedicated microSD slot, giving you more options to use your phone the way you want.


1. SUPERVOOC is the official charging brand identity of realme. And 5000mAh is the typical value of realme narzo N55 battery capacity. The data of charging comes from the realme Lab. The actual data may vary due to different test environments, long-term battery usage loss and other factors, and are for reference only.

2. The 12GB dynamic RAM is only available on the 6GB RAM version.

3. The data “7.89mm ultra slim” is provided by realme Lab. Actual thickness may vary slightly.

4. The benchmark score of the Helio G88 chipset comes from AnTuTu. Please refer to the actual product.

5. Data regarding the display refresh rate, screen-to-body ratio, brightness, etc. were provided by the realme Lab. Data can vary based on the test environment, calculation method, etc. Please refer to the actual product.

6. Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual products. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. The data on the page came from realme designed technical parameters, test data from the laboratories and supplier test data. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly, depending on the test software version, specific testing environment, and specific version.

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