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90Hz Super AMOLED Display
64MP Street Photography Camera

Super crisp viewing experience.

Super smooth in-hand feel.

Super refined user experience.

Super, in all the
right ways.

Premium Vegan
Leather Design
90Hz Super AMOLED Display
Up to 8GB RAM +256GB ROM
64MP Street
Photography Camera
90Hz Super AMOLED Display
Charge + 5000mAh
Massive Battery
Premium Vegan Leather Design
Flagship taste, leap-forward experience
A luxurious leather hand feel gives you a texture that pleases your senses. Anti-aging and scratch resistant materials provide longer-lasting durability.
Mars Orange
Cosmic Black
Light, thin,
and beautifully
A high-gloss metal-textured middle frame is achieved through 12 advanced processes¹. The bold 2D right-angle design gives a boost of attitude in a streamlined package.
A brilliant screen
for brilliant viewing
The Samsung Super AMOLED screen brings segment-leading display quality, with 90Hz fast refresh rate, 4,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and 20,000 levels of intelligent dimming, for a premium viewing experience with built-in eye protection.


Refresh Rate³


Touch Sampling Rate³


FHD+ Resolution

20,000 Levels

Intelligent Dimming³


Contrast Ratio³


Contrast Ratio³

Superior eye protection
Hardware-level low blue light technology, certified by TÜV Rheinland, lets you use your phone with greater peace of mind,reducing backlit blue light in the range of 415nm-455nm⁴ with next to no yellowing effect. For those longer viewing sessions, your eyes will thank you.
TÜV Rheinland
Low Blue
Light Certification
Ultra tough
Corning Gorilla
Glass 5
Corning Gorilla Glass 5 offers twice the scratch resistance compared to other aluminosilicate glasses, and can withstand drops from a height of 1.2 meters⁵. From the outer layer to the internal structure, this glass was made to stay looking good.
In-display 3D
fingerprint scanner
Instant unlock, with a speed of 0.55s⁶. Also supports in-display Fingerprint Heart Rate Detection 2.0, which can convert the change of finger blood volume into PPG signal for real-time heart rate detection, with accuracy up to ±5BPM⁶.
Bring on the clarity
64MP hardware combines with our flagship HyperShot imaging architecture software, for a camera experience that prioritizes clarity and sharpness in every shot. And with 2x optical zoom, you can capture distant shots more smoothly than ever.
Next-level night shots
Our flagship-level ProLight imaging software brightens up photos in dark shooting environments, bringing a boost in color and clarity while retaining details.
for masterful composition.
Trained through millions of images, Auto-zoom technology instantly identifies the subject and automatically zooms in to produce picture-perfect composition, for expert-level precision you can rely on.
for masterful composition.
Trained through millions of images, Auto-zoom technology instantly identifies the subject and automatically zooms in to produce picture-perfect composition, for expert-level precision you can rely on.
Action shots, all clear
Dynamic Image Snapshot (DIS) allows you to capture fast-moving subjects clearly, with priority given to retaining clarity, sharpness, and details.
Street Mode 4.0
Add some spice and drama to your shots, with unique filters that make getting those stand-out shots easier than ever.

Cinematic Filter

Crisp Filter

Tranquil Filter

16MP Selfie Camera
16MP hardware combines with an intelligent software that optimizes skin tone and texture, for more natural-looking skin.
from the core
The MediaTek Dimensity 6020 5G chipset, 7nm process⁷, 2.2GHz CPU⁷, and A76 core combine for a smoother 5G experience that provides lasting power you can count on.
Dual Mode 5G
Supports both SA/NSA 5G networks
Dual-channel Network Acceleration
Improves performance of network with 5G and Wi-Fi online
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Acceleration
Reduces the mutual interference of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Up to
Smooth all the way
With up to 8GB RAM, you can fly through even the most demanding tasks. And when you need an extra kick of RAM for those high priority moments, you have the option of adding an extra 8GB of dynamic RAM through software. And with 256GB of storage and up to 1TB of external memory, you can use your phone with supreme peace of mind.
Battery life
made to last
With a 5000mAh massive battery, you get battery life you can count on, with easy all-day battery life for even heavy phone users. Charge from 0-50% in 29 minutes¹⁰, getting you back in the action faster.
Massive Battery⁹

All-new realme UI 4.0

All-new realme UI 4.0

Based on Android 13

Learn more

320+ Rigorous Quality Tests¹¹

21 Days

High Temperature/
High Humidity
Testing at 65°C/RH95%¹¹

7 Days

Ultra-high Temperature Storage at 75℃¹¹

7 Days

Ultra-low Temperature Storage at -50℃¹¹

200,000 Times

Power Button Press Test¹¹

28,000 Times

Micro Drop Tests¹¹

1,000 Times

Friction Test¹¹


1. Data comes from realme Lab. Please refer to the actual product.

2. Mars Orange is 7.98mm thick, with a weight of 183g; Cosmic Black is 7.93mm thick, with a weight of 182g. Data provided by realme Lab. Actual thickness and product weight may vary slightly.

3. Data regarding the refresh rate, contrast ratio, resolution ratio, etc. were provided by the realme Lab. Data can vary based on the test environment, calculation method, etc. Please refer to the actual product.

4. Data comes from realme Lab. The product is not a medical device and is not used directly as a basis for clinical diagnosis.

5. Data comes from Corning Gorilla website.

6. The data comes from realme Lab, the product is not a medical device, the monitoring data is for reference only and is not directly used as a basis for clinical diagnosis; it is not applicable to users with other known arrhythmia diseases.

7. All data regarding the MediaTek Dimensity 6020 5G Chipset was obtained from MTK’s website. Please refer to the actual product.

8. SUPERVOOC is the official charging brand identity of realme. To reach 33W (max.) charging power, the realme 33W Charger and the original charging cable must be used. Actual charging power may vary depending on the usage scenario.

9. 5000mAh is the typical value. The battery life data is based on data from realme Lab. Results may vary depending on the testing environment.

10. The data of "Charge from 0-50% in 29 minutes" is from the realme Lab. The actual data may vary due to different test environments, long-term battery usage loss and other factors, and are for reference only.

11. Reliability test results are based on data from realme Lab. Results may vary depending on actual usage.

* Product images are for reference only. Product specifications and descriptions may vary depending on the supplier. The data on this page is based on design parameters and lab and supplier test data and may vary slightly depending on test software versions and specific testing environments. Please refer to the actual product for all criteria.

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