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Warranty Status

Authenticity and Warranty Status Check

Please input correct IMEI1 or SN


  • How to find realme handset IMEI1:
    1. Go to [Settings] > [About Phone] > [Status] > [IMEI 1]
    2. Check the bottom of the phone box
    3. Dial *#06# on the keypad
  • How to find realme Pad SN:
    1. Check the sticker on the back of the box
    2. Check the sticker of the paper warranty card in the device box

Check Result

*The color is only for reference.

Product Model

Product IMEI

Product Color

Estimated Warranty Expiration Date

Any confusion, please contact realme service centers for further verification.

No product information found


  • Please double-check whether the IMEI1 or SN is correct;
  • You can contact realme Service Centers for further query;
  • The query is only available for realme Smartphones and Pads.
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