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What is Dolby feature in realme X?

It is turned on by default with speaker model, and you can turned it off by yourself after inserting the earphone. * (1)Cannot be turned off in Speaker Mode, (2) Headphone mode can be turn off. 3. Sound Effect

What is SuperVOOC & How does it work?

SuperVOOC, VOOC, realme X2 Pro, charger Let’s get to know the real power of super VOOC in realme X2 Pro.

How to Extend Your Phone Battery Life?

1. Charge your phone when you get the low battery notification. 2. Try to use the standard charger that comes with the phone when charging, unofficial charger is not recommended for charging. 3. If you want to store the phone for a long period, please discharge the phone.

How to fix the Low sound in speaker?

3. Check your phone's headset jack for damage, like wear or breakage. 4. Try with another headphone in your device. For speaker sound:

How to Fix the Slow Charging Issue?

3. Check the charging temperature. charging at temperatures above 45 ° C will degrade battery performance, resulting in slower charging and thus longer charging times.

How to fix the Fingerprint Issue?

2. Reset all system settings. 3. Clear the sensor part with a clean dry cloth. 4. Again set up a new password.

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