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Sound of Bluetooth earphone stuck

Update Time: 2023-12-08 18:16:52

Problem phenomenon:

When using Bluetooth earphones for voice calls or music, the sound is discontinuous or stuck.


There are many reasons for the intermittent call, please check as follows:

1. Check the Bluetooth connection

Make sure the "Bluetooth" switch is turned on by going to Settings > Bluetooth > Paired Devices

2. Turn off the player and disable simultaneous playback with other apps

Some music player apps may cause sound issues such as noise, silence, or incomplete playback when they allow simultaneous playback with other apps. Please turn off this option in the settings of the music player app.

3. Choose a good signal environment

In places with strong interference, this problem may happen. It is recommended to go to an environment with a good signal and no electromagnetic interference before making a voice call.

4. Reset the earphone

Press and hold the multi-function button for more than 10 seconds until the indicator light flashes, please reset the earphone and then reconnect it.

If the problem still exists, please bring the product and purchase certificate to the nearest authorized realme service center.

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