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Fix: realme earphone not connected to phone

Update Time: 2023-06-30 11:53:40

Problem phenomenon:

realme earphones cannot be connected, cannot be searched, cannot be found, or do not display the Bluetooth name of the earphone.


1. Make sure the headset is charging properly (the indicator light is yellow or green when charging). If it cannot be charged, please refer to Bluetooth earphone cannot be charged.

2. Please pair the earphone according to the guide How to pair a bluetooth earphone with a phone?

3. Turn on Bluetooth for your phone. If there is already a paired device or the current earphone name in my device list, please follow the steps below to unpair or ignore this device; if not, please go directly to the next step.

4. Search for and click on the earphone's name in the list of available devices or other devices and then pair it to connect.

5. If you still can't connect, please restart your phone and refer How to reset the realme earphones? to reset your headset, then repeat steps 1~4.

If you can connect normally, please refer to the "realme Earphones Firmware Upgrade Guide" to upgrade the headset firmware to the latest version in a timely manner.

If the problem still exists, please bring the product and the proof of purchase to the nearest realme Service Center for testing.

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