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No 5G signal or network

Update Time: 2024-05-20 09:38:43

5G network usage conditions:

1. The phone is a 5G phone.

2. The SIM card has opened a 5G network package.

Note: If you use the Jio 5G, you must register in the My Jio app to use 5G. 

Path: My Jio app > Register with Jio number > Find "True 5G" in status bar > Click on "True 5G" > Click on "Is your device 5G ready?" > It will display "Congratulations! Your device is Jio True 5G ready" 

3. If you previously used a 4G network SIM card, after purchasing a 5G package and activating the 5G in Jio App, you will need to wait for 24 hours for the operator to activate it. And within these 24 hours, you cannot switch the card to a 4G mobile phone. This is the rule of the Jio operator, and you can also contact Jio operator for inquiries or assistance.

4. The local 5G network has been covered. For the latest Jio 5G Location always check the Jio website:



1. 5G signal is not covered in this area or carrier’s network failure.

2. When the 5G signal is unstable, smart 5G will switch to a more stable network, which may cause no 5G to be displayed.

3. The SIM card or phone is abnormal.



1. Confirm that the area is covered by 5G signals.

You can check with your carrier to see if they offer 5G service in your area and if your SIM card and data plan are 5G compatible. If not, you may need to switch to a different carrier, SIM card, or data plan that supports 5G. For the latest Jio 5G Location always check the Jio website:

2. Turn off Smart 5G and then turn on/off the airplane mode to try again.

realme UI 1.0 & above versions: Settings > search Smart 5G in the search bar > Smart 5G > Turn off Smart 5G.

realme UI R & Go & S & T Edition: Not supported

3. Reset network settings.

realme UI 1.0 & above versions:  Settings > search Reset phone in the search bar > Reset phone > Reset Network settings.

realme UI R & Go & S & T Edition: Settings > System > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

4. Update to the latest version.

5. Change a phone and SIM card to try.

If it is confirmed that this is a SIM card issue, it is recommended that you contact your carrier; if it is a phone issue, it is recommended that you go to the service center for testing.


If the above methods do not solve your problem, please back up your data and visit the realme service center for testing.

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