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How to pair the remote control of realme Smart TV?

Update Time: 2023-03-15 10:12:32

1. Function Introduction

When the TV is turned on for the first time and enters the boot wizard, there will be a remote control pairing interface.

If you have replaced a new remote control or the remote has a connection issue with the TV, you can re-pair the remote with the TV by the following.

2. Operation and path

Long press the OK button + HOME button, and it will show that the pairing is successful as below picture. (Pointing to the TV bottom within the distance of 1 meter)

For more details, please refer to Youtube:  How to pair Bluetooth remote control with realme TV?


  • If the Bluetooth + IR(infrared) remote control is successfully paired, only the Bluetooth function will be used, and the IR function will be stopped.

  • The figure provided is only for illustration, please refer to the actually displayed interfaces and functions.

  • realme Smart TV NEO 32" only supports IR(infra-red) remote control, and it doesn't need to be paired.

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