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How to do with slow mobile network?

Update Time: 2023-12-21 10:04:22

The phone uses mobile data to surf the Internet slowly. 

First, please check the phone signal. When the phone shows that the signal is not up to the standard, it may be that the signal in your area is not good and the Internet speed is slow. This is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended that you move to an area with good signal. Go online again.

If the signal of the phone is always poor, please check Weak phone signal.

If it is not the cause of the poor signal, it is recommended that you perform the following troubleshooting:

1. Wrong phone settings

1) The data service switch is not turned on: swipe down from the status bar, open the notification panel, turn on the mobile data switch and try to surf the Internet again;

2) Connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot and the hotspot cannot connect to the network: When Wi-Fi and mobile data are turned on at the same time, the phone will connect to the Wi-Fi network first by default. If the Wi-Fi network is abnormal, the phone will not be able to connect to the network.

3) Check if data usage limit is set:

Settings > SIM card & mobile data  > Data usage > Data usage limit and confirm whether the data used today exceeds the set upper limit.

4) Mobile network setting problem: Pull down the notification panel, press and hold the mobile data to enter the mobile network interface, click SIM card >Access point names (APN) >click the two dots in the upper right corner > click Reset access points.(The APN cannot be reset during a call, please hang up and then operate)

2. Operator network failure

1) If the phone used by the people around you is generally unable to use mobile data to surf the Internet, it is recommended that you contact the operator to deal with it;

2) Unofficial cards may have service interruptions, inaccurate billing, and inability to pay fees, resulting in failure to surf the Internet normally. It is recommended to apply on the official website of the operator or virtual operator.

3. The phone card is in arrears or damaged

1) Phone card arrears: Please call the operator to check whether the phone card is in arrears. If you are in arrears, please restart the phone after paying the fee to try to restore it;

2) Use a non-standard SIM card or cut the card by yourself. Cutting the card will easily cause the SIM card to fail to recognize or damage the phone. It is recommended that you go to the business hall to obtain the original standard nano-SIM card.

3) Using a metal/gold-plated protective case will also affect phone signal reception, so it is not recommended to use it.

If the above steps cannot solve your problem, please back up your data and go to the nearest realme customer service center for testing.

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