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No SIM card detected on phone

Update Time: 2023-07-26 09:56:49

Problem phenomenon:

The SIM card is not detected on the phone. After inserting the SIM card, an icon appears in the status bar. It shows  or , which means the SIM card is not recognized. Or insert 2 SIM cards and only show 1 signal icon.

Problem causes:

1. The SIM card of the phone is not enabled.

2. The SIM card is dirty.

3. The SIM card is in poor contact with the card slot.

4. The installation location of the SIM card is wrong.

5. The SIM card is damaged.

6. The phone is a contract phone.


1. Please go to the phone Settings > mobile network > SIM card > check whether the SIM card is enabled. If not, please turn on the enable icon.

2. Please check whether the SIM card is installed properly. If the SIM card is not installed in place, or the SIM card is installed reversely, the SIM card may not be recognized.

3. If the surface of the SIM card is dirty, you can wipe it clean and put it into the phone to check whether it can be used normally. When installing the card, please be careful. Do not put the SIM card into the SD card position, and pay attention to checking its direction.

4. If you use a cut card, there may be problems such as burrs or the size and cutting angle of the card are not suitable, so the SIM card cannot be completely aligned with the card slot, and the SIM card cannot be recognized. It is recommended that you go to the operator to replace it.

5. If the SIM card cannot be recognized even if it is put into other phones, it may be that the SIM card is damaged. It is recommended that you go to the operator to replace the SIM card.

6. If you are using a contract phone and can only use a SIM card of a designated operator, the phone may not recognize when you insert a SIM card of another operator.

If none of the above methods solve your problem, please back up your data and go to the nearest realme service center for testing.

Note: an icon appears in the status bar of the phone or . It means that the SIM card has been recognized but there is no signal, please check according to Weak phone signal.

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