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[realme Smart TV]How to enter proxy with a wireless network?

Update Time: 2022-08-22 11:45:57

1. Function introduction:

Depending on your router, It may need to set a proxy when the TV connects to the internet.

You can enter proxy information according to your needs through this function.

2. Operation and path:

Please follow these steps below:

Step 1: Enter the Network&Internet Menu

    Setting method 1: Select the WIFI icon in the interface and enter the Network&Internet
    Setting method 2: Select the Settings icon in the interface and enter the Settings menu, then select the Network&Internet and enter the menu

    Setting method 1  


    Setting method 2


 Step 2Select the WIFI which the TV is connected to. For example, the Smart TV connects to the WIFI named realme, select it and enter the menu of realme.

Step 3Select the Proxy settings and enter the menu

Step 4None is the default setting, please select the Manual and enter the next menu. Enter a valid proxy hostname, select → to continue


1. It isn't applicable to the realme Smart TV Neo 32" due to the system differences. 

2. The figure provided is only for illustration, please refer to the actually displayed interfaces and functions as final.

3. If you do not know the SSID (wireless network name) and password (security key) of your wireless router (or access point), please refer to the manual of your wireless router (or access point).

4. Press the up-arrow button on the on-screen keyboard for the upper case. Press it again to go back to lower case. Security keys are case-sensitive. Be careful to use upper case and lower case correctly.

    Examples of mistakes:

    I (capital i), l (small L), and 1 (number one)

    0 (number zero) and O (capital o)

    d (small D) and b (small B)

    9 (number nine) and q (small Q)

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