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How to set the basic functions of the camera?

Update Time: 2023-08-04 09:43:25

On the camera interface, swipe down to set the frame, countdown and other settings, click the menu in the upper right corner, and then click to make more settings, allowing you to better use the camera functions.

• Aspect ratio: You can set the camera ratio to 4:3, 1:1, or 16:9 full screen, each click will switch.

• Timer: After the countdown is turned on to take a photo, pressing the shutter button will not take a photo immediately, you can set the time to 3 seconds or 10 seconds later, and each click will switch.

• Tap to capture: After the function is enabled, touching any area of the phone screen will take a photo.

• Volume button action: You can define the volume buttons for different functions, such as shutter and zoom.

• Shutter SoundWhen turned on, a shutter will sound when the camera button is pressed.

• Location: Display location information in photo and video details.

• Flip selfies: Save selfies as they appear in the viewfinder.

 Watermark: Customize your own watermark effect.

• Grid and guides: After the function is turned on, a guideline will appear on the screen when shooting to help you better compose the picture.

• Level: Real-time level is realized through the gravity sensor, which allows you to judge whether to level the camera to take better photos, and avoid post-processing level.

• HEIF: An efficient image storage format, which can reduce the occupation of mobile phone storage space under the same image quality. When some apps do not support this format, you can enable the "Convert HEIF image when sending" function in the album before sharing.

• High Efficiency video: Record videos in HEVC format, which can reduce the occupation of mobile phone storage space. On devices or apps that do not support HEVC, playback or sharing exceptions may occur.

how to set the basic functions of camera

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