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Bluetooth earphones cannot be charged

Update Time: 2024-02-01 11:08:42

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Refer to How to reset the realme earphones? to reset the earphone to factory settings and upgrade the earphone firmware to the latest version in realme Link. 

2. We recommend that you use the original data cable to connect the adapter (recommended to use 5V/2A and above power adapter) to charge for more than 15 minutes before trying.

3. According to the chemical characteristics of lithium batteries, to ensure the safe use of the earphone battery, the earphone cannot be charged when the temperature is lower than 0 ℃ or higher than 47 ℃, and it's recommended to charge the earphone at a temperature of 3 ℃ ~ 45 ℃.

4. For TWS earphones: We recommend that you observe whether the earphone charging contacts, charging case, charging shrapnel, or probe are stained with oil/sweat or stains. If so, you can try to use a dust-free cloth or cotton swab to wipe clean.

   For neckband earphones: Open the charging port and check whether the port is dirty. If so, remove and re-insert the USB plug several times. Then, use a hair dryer to blow cold air to clean any remaining dirt from the USB plug, and try charging the earphones once again.

5. Try to use your hand or use a soft tool to touch the charging shrapnel to see if there is a rebound, if not rebound, please bring your proof of purchase to realme Service Center for testing and processing.

If you still can't charge after following the above methods, we suggest you bring your proof of purchase to the realme Service Center for testing.

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