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How to set camera pro mode?

Update Time: 2023-08-18 17:52:47

Setting method:

Click Camera > More > Pro, there are various parameter adjustment boxes and automatic buttons at the bottom of the viewfinder interface, each parameter defaults to automatic, click the sensitivity, shutter speed, white balance, focus, exposure compensation, and slide the adjustment bar to adjust accordingly. Click "Auto"/"Reset" to return to automatic mode.

How to set camera pro mode

ISO (Sensitivity): 

How sensitive the camera is to light, increasing the sensitivity can improve shooting in low-light conditions. The higher the sensitivity, the brighter the photo and the more noise is; the lower the sensitivity, the darker the photo and the less noise is. The phone will automatically set the camera sensitivity according to the environment. If you have requirements for the shooting, you can manually adjust it in professional mode. The adjustment range is 100-6400.

S (Shutter Speed): 

Shutter speed determines how long a photo is exposed. Decreasing the shutter speed and increasing the exposure time can improve the shooting effect in a low-light environment. Please keep the phone steady before the shutter ends. The adjustment range is 1/8000s—32s.

WB (White Balance): 

Adjust the white balance value to make the camera restore white to standard white in different lighting conditions. The higher the value, the warmer the photo tone is; the lower the value, the cooler the tone is. The adjustment range is 2000k-8000k.

AF/MF (auto/manual focus) Focusing method: 

AF is the automatic focus, the camera automatically focuses on the subject. MF is manual focus, and the focus parameters can be adjusted manually according to the distance from the subject. The adjustment range is 0-1.

EV (Exposure Compensation): 

Exposure compensation increases or decreases exposure over the current exposure. -EV decreases exposure, +EV increases exposure. If the preview effect is too dark, the exposure compensation value should be increased, otherwise, the exposure compensation should be decreased. The adjustment range is -2—+2.

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