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How to set SIM card lock?

Update Time: 2024-02-23 16:37:08

After the SIM card is locked, you need to enter the PIN code to use the phone. The PIN is a telecommunication term, the full name of which is Personal Identification Number, and it refers to the personal identification password of the SIM card. Besides, the PIN code of the phone is a security measure to protect the SIM card and prevent others from stealing the SIM card. If the power-on PIN code is enabled, then every time the phone is turned on, a 4-8-digit PIN code must be entered. When the wrong PIN code is entered more than three times, the card will be automatically locked for protection. To unlock, you need to use the PUK code to call the operator's service hotline. If you change the PIN code without authorization, be sure to keep it in mind.

Setting method:

realme UI 5.0: Settings > Security & Privacy > More security and Privacy > SIM Lock.

realme UI 3.0 & 4.0: Settings > Password & security System security SIM card lock Lock SIM card.

realme UI R & Go & T & S Edition: Settings > Security SIM card lock > Lock SIM card.

realme UI 1.0 & 2.0: Not supported


1. The realme phone supports setting the SIM card PIN code. You can search for the SIM card lock in the Settings and enter to select the corresponding card to enable the PIN code. 

2. If you forget the set PIN code, you need to contact the corresponding operator customer service to change it. If the error is made three times, the SIM card will be automatically locked, and you need to contact the operator to obtain the PUK code to unlock it. It is recommended that you operate with caution.

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