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Phone camera can't be turned on

Update Time: 2024-03-21 18:15:01

I. Scenario 1: Third-party apps can't open the camera


    1.  The third-party app did not get the camera permission

    2.  Third-party apps are not compatible with the system


    1. It is recommended that you go to Settings, click Apps > App Management > select a third-party app > Permission > click Camera > Allow only while using the app, and enable the camera permission for the corresponding application.

    2. Enter the Play store and update the app to the latest version. If the app has been updated and the camera still cannot be turned on, please contact the relevant third-party app developer.

II. Scenario 2: The built-in camera cannot be turned on


    1. There is too much cache in the phone.

    2. There is a hardware problem.

    3. System settings are wrong.

    4. System version is too old.


    1. Long-press the camera icon on the home screen and tap Storage usage > Clear Data, Clear Cache. (This action does not delete photos, only restores camera settings.

    2. Please check on the Phone Manager on your phone: Go to Phone Manager > Diagnostics > Start Testing, and complete the testing according to the phone prompts. If it is a problem with the camera hardware, please back up your data and go to the realme Customer Service Center with your proof of purchase.

    3. After backing up your essential data, go to Settings, search to reset your phone, and click Erase All Data. Follow the instructions on the phone interface to complete the factory reset operation.

    4. It is recommended that you check and upgrade the system to the latest version. 

If the problem still exists, please back up your data and bring your purchase certificate to the realme customer service center for inspection and processing.

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