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What is the Dual-device connection? How to use?

Update Time: 2023-10-13 14:27:06

Usage scenarios:

The Dual-device connection allows you to connect your earphone with two different devices via Bluetooth, and seamlessly switch between the two devices for listening to music and watching movies.

For example: When watching a video,  and a call coming on the other phone, go directly to the incoming call scene to make a call without conversion.

Supported models:

realme Buds Air 3, realme Buds Air 3S, realme Buds Wireless 3, realme Buds Air 5 Pro

Setting path:

1. Long press the multi-function key for 3 seconds to pair and connect the first phone A.

2. Turn on the Dual-device connection in realme Link.

3. Turn off Bluetooth and disconnect phone A. 

4. Press and hold the multi-function key for 3 seconds again to pair and connect to phone B.

5. After the connection is completed, turn on phone A Bluetooth to connect to the earphone.

Audio switching logic:

realme Buds Air 3:

Follow the principle of "who takes the initiative, who preempts", that is, who has the business to trigger first, who preempts.

For example, when device A plays audio, device B turns on audio playback, and device B will automatically preempt the use of earphones. At the same time, the audio of device A will pause automatically.

realme Buds Air 3S/ realme Buds Wireless 3 /realme Buds Air 5 Pro:

When device A is playing audio, device A needs to pause playback (press the pause button on device A, or double-click the earphone to pause playback), and then device B will use the earphone to play.

Note: This function does not support the selection of playback devices through earphones.

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