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How to upgrade the firmware of bluetooth earphone?

Update Time: 2023-11-16 11:57:57

Support firmware upgrade earphone models:

True Wireless Bluetooth earphones: realme Buds Air, realme Buds Air Neo, realme Buds Air Pro, realme Buds Air 2 Neo, realme Buds Air 2.

Neckbands: realme Buds Wireless 2, realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo, realme Buds Wireless Pro.

Prerequisites for firmware upgrade:

1. realme Link is the latest version

Please make sure your realme Link APP is the latest version, you can open the realme Link APP - click on Me - Settings - Version update to check for updates (you can also download the latest version of realme Link in the software store)

2. Maintain sufficient power

a. The current battery of the neck-mounted earphone is greater than 40% and the ears are separated;

b. The true wireless Bluetooth earphone needs to ensure that the power of the earphone and the charging box must be greater than 50%. Both ears must be placed in the charging box and in the open state. Out of the box may cause the upgrade to fail.


    1. When the phone is connected to the Bluetooth earphone, when there is a new version of the firmware, a pop-up window will prompt you to upgrade when you open the realme Link APP, click to start the upgrade;

    2. If you do not receive the upgrade reminder, open the realme Link APP - select the corresponding Bluetooth earphone to enter the function setting - click the 2 small dots in the upper right corner - enter the Device details - manually select the Firmware upgrade.

Bluetooth earphone firmware Upgrade the bluetooth earphone firmware

Note: Do not use and charge the earphone during the upgrade process.

If the upgrade fails during the firmware upgrade process:

Please confirm that the firmware upgrade conditions are met. After making sure that the conditions are met, please try again as follows:

1. True wireless Bluetooth earphones: Please put the left and right earphones in the charging box, long press the charging box button for 10S to reset the earphones, then reconnect the earphones, open the realme Link APP, and try the firmware upgrade.

2. Neckbands: Please combine both ears, long press the function button for 10S to reset the neckbands, then reconnect the neckbands, open the realme Link APP and try the firmware upgrade.

 If the above operations cannot solve the problem of your firmware upgrade failure. Please bring your purchase certificate and go to the nearest realme customer service center for processing.

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