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Phone hangs when watching videos and live stream

Update Time: 2023-11-29 09:52:18

Scenario 1:  Phone hangs when playing online videos or live streams


1. Unstable network

2. Unstable Video network server

3. The lower version of the third-party video app may cause abnormality in the decoding and playback process.


1. Switch to a stable network to watch videos online or try to lower the definition of online videos.

2. Try different websites and player apps.

3. Update the app to the latest version.

Scenario 2: Phone hangs when playing local videos


1. Some 4k and higher resolution videos require high performance for decoding and may cause stuttering when playing.

2. The player does not support some video codecs, and using other codecs may result in lagging or pixelation when playing.

3. Abnormal video resource.


1. Use video compression software to reduce the size of the videos (e.g., converting them to 1080P), or consider using an alternative professional player.

Please note that the clarity of the compressed video will be reduced, please backup the original video. 

2. Download other player apps or try to switch decoding methods.

If the video recorded by your phone can be played normally without lagging, you can try to download other player apps to play it or try to switch the decoding method before playing this video.

3. Re-download the video and play it again. 

If the video lags at a certain part, it might be that the video source is corrupted. Please re-download the video and check again.


If the above methods can't solve your problem, please visit realme Customer Service Center for help.

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