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How to improve battery performance?

Update Time: 2023-11-21 14:14:29

1. Turn on the automatic brightness of the screen

It is recommended that you turn on the automatic brightness of the screen and the phone will automatically adjust to the appropriate screen brightness according to your environment. Reducing the use of outdoor or strong light thereby, reducing the power consumption of the screen.

2. Use a standard refresh rate

The higher the screen refresh rate, the higher the power consumption of the phone is, which will cause the power consumption to be faster than usual. It is recommended that you set the phone refresh rate to 60Hz without using high power consumption to save power consumption. Setting steps: Settings > Display & Brightness > Brightness > Screen Refresh Rate, select Standard Refresh Rate.

3. Use the Power saving mode

Please go to Settings > Battery > Power saving mode. After enabling this function, the system will optimize your phone and turn off some power-consuming apps and functions to increase your battery life.

4. Turn off the always-on display

Keeping the always-on display on for a long time will also increase the power consumption of your phone. It is recommended that you turn off the always-on display. The setting steps are: Settings > Personalizations > Always-on Display > Turn off the Always-on Display.

5. Automatically turn on power saving mode

You can set to turn on the power saving mode. When the power of the phone reaches the power standard you set (such as 20%), it will automatically turn on the power saving mode to help you optimize power saving and prolong the standby time. Setting steps: Settings > Battery > Power saving mode > Turn on at specificated battery level.

6. Clean up the background in time

It is recommended that you clean up the background of the phone that is not frequently used in a timely manner, improve the running space and reduce the power consumption of applications in the background.

7. Use original charger

It is difficult to guarantee the quality of non-original chargers and there may be various problems, which will damage the battery, reduce the battery life, and shorten the battery life of the phone.

If the above methods do not solve your problem, it is recommended that you bring your purchase certificate and go to the realme Service Center for testing.

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