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How to expand the storage of the phone by DRE dynamic memory expansion?

Update Time: 2023-11-24 17:46:32

Hi, realme fans. 

You can expand the storage by enabling DRE dynamic memory expansion, which can help you to enjoy a smoother phone. Please read the below information to know more about it. 

1. What is DRE dynamic memory expansion?

DRE dynamic memory expansion technology is an auxiliary function. During the use of the phone, when the running memory is not enough, a part of the storage space can be temporarily used as the running memory. The phone can open more applications at the same time and ensure the smoothness of the phone, make the best use of the phone configuration, and run it at the highest efficiency. 

2. How to turn on DRE dynamic memory expansion?

Setting path: Go to Settings> About phone/device > RAM . Select the expansion size as needed, and restart the phone after selection.

3. How to check DRE dynamic memory expansion after enabling it?

View method: Go to [ Settings > Additional settings > Recent tasks manager > Open "Display RAM/Memory information for recent tasks"; open the recent task management interface, and dynamic memory expansion "6+X / 8+X / 12+X”will show below.


4. What are the advantages of DRE dynamic memory expansion?

DRE dynamic memory expansion technology supports up to 7GB memory expansion, which can open multiple large games or applications at the same time, and keep smooth. For example, with 8GB plus 5GB of memory expansion, the equivalent running memory can reach up to 13GB to make the best use of the phone's configuration.

DRE dynamic memory expansion technology supports three levels of adjustment. Not only can you manually switch the memory expansion function freely, but you can also adjust the size of the memory expansion according to your needs. There are three expansion options for hot-selling products, 5GB expansion runs fast, and 2GB expansion takes up less space. You can keep your phone in the most suitable operating state according to the usage.

5. Why is there no change in the storage of the phone after the DRE dynamic memory expansion is turned on?

After enabling the DRE dynamic memory expansion function, the system will set the phone storage for memory expansion. In fact, the memory has not been used when this function is just turned on, so the current phone storage has not changed. After the DRE dynamic memory expansion function runs, it will dynamically use the mobile phone storage according to the usage of dynamic memory. 

6. Why is there still very little remaining memory displayed on the Task Manager page after enabling dynamic memory expansion?

After the DRE dynamic memory expansion function is enabled, the actual available memory on the Task Manager page will not display the expanded memory capacity. You can check the expanded memory display in [ Settings> About Phone> RAM].

7. Why is my phone's memory size set to +5GB, but the phone's memory still shows the same as the default?

After modifying the memory expansion, you need to restart the phone to take effect.

Hope this can help you to fix your confusion about how to expand your phone storage.

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