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Why does face unlock often fail?

Update Time: 2024-01-08 10:01:25

Face unlocking may fail due to various factors, such as front camera obstruction or malfunction, face obstruction, large distance or angle difference between the face and the phone, face distortion, closed eyes, not looking at the phone, etc. These factors may prevent the phone from recognizing your face. 

To solve this problem, please try the following methods:

1. Make sure the front camera is clean and clear;

2. Do not cover your face with hats, masks, scarves, etc. during the unlocking process. Show your face clearly to unlock;3. Use your fingerprint or password to unlock in environments that are too bright or too dark;

4. If your phone supports the feature of “Auto brighten screen for face recognition/Brighten screen in dim light”, we recommend that you turn on this feature when using face unlock in dark environments.

realme UI 3.0 & above versions: Settings > Search "Face" in the search bar > Face  > Brighten screen in dim light

realme UI 2.0:  Settings > Password & biometrics> Face > Auto brighten screen for face recognition.

realme UI R & Go & T & S Edition: not supported

face unlock often fail

5. Adjust the distance between the phone and your face. Keep it at about 20~50 cm, and try to align the camera with your face as much as possible;

6. Lying down may cause your face to change slightly. For security reasons, this may reduce the unlocking success rate. We suggest that you use your fingerprint or password to unlock;

7. If your phone supports the “Unlock only when eyes are open/Require eyes to be open” feature, you will not be able to unlock the phone when you close your eyes or do not look at the phone. You can turn off the “Unlock only when eyes are open” feature;

realme UI 3.0 & above versionsSearch "Face" in the search bar > Face  > Require eyes to be open;

realme UI 2.0: Settings > Password & biometrics> Face > Unlock only when eyes are open;

realme UI R & Go & T & S Edition: not supported

8. If the unlocking fails repeatedly, please re-enter your face data and try again. Clean the front camera when entering your face, and make sure that nothing blocks your face.

If the above troubleshooting steps do not solve your problem, please bring your purchase certificate to the nearest realme customer service center.

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