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Instruction for using realme Link

Update Time: 2022-11-02 10:20:25

Introduction of realme Link

realme Link is the control, shopping, and interconnection platform for smart products. Here, you can play with smart devices, discover interesting and new products, and enjoy a good smart life. At present, you can download this application from the app store of realme/OPPO/Oneplus phone.

(1) On the home page, after binding your device, you can view the device information and set the function.

(2) Shop for more new products on the mall page.

(3) If you have any questions, you can check the help or feedback in My>Help and Feedback.

Function introduction of realme Link

1. Homepage

When you open the app for the first time, the default home page is as shown below, click ➕ on the home page to enter the page for adding devices (you need to log in to your realme account for the first time)

If you have used the realme Link APP before, the home page will display the devices connected to the realme Link APP. The device list is divided into two states: connected and unconnected. Click on any one of the earphones to enter the device setting page.


2. Bind the connected device

a. Manually add devices

Enter the add device page, select the device model you want to connect, and follow the APP prompts to search for nearby devices.

b. Manually bind the connected device

Select a nearby device, the phone will automatically search for all nearby realme IOT devices, and then click on the device you want to connect to pair it.

3. Customize the device name

Press and hold a device on the main page to rename it. However, this operation can only modify the name displayed on the APP page, the Bluetooth name of the device cannot be modified, and the earphone still displays the original name in the Bluetooth list of the phone.


4. Delete the device

Long press a device on the main interface to delete the binding between the device and the APP. To connect again, you need to long-press the pairing button of the earphone to pair with the APP.

5. Device settings

When the earphone device is connected to realme Link, click the device name to enter the settings page. You can customize the touch function settings for any earphone, as shown in the figure below. Moreover, when the phone is only connected to a single earphone, the settings for a single earphone can also be performed. If the earphone is not connected, the settings cannot be performed.

Some models of earphones can also perform firmware upgrade operations in the settings interface.


6. APP settings

Click [My > Settings] in the APP, you can perform basic settings on the APP and update the APP version.


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